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The woman answers all-around cancer of understanding palace neck

.hzh {display: none; }Palace neck cancer is called female the first killer, every year what incomputable female undergoes palace neck cancer destroy. If when after getting disease, just begin to regret to mix afflictive, be inferior to be in at the beginning when cast palace neck cancer far, from life health care had done on […]

Annual caresses healthy manual of the breast

As modern life rhythm accelerate ceaselessly, a lot of females everyday busy, do not consider almost on the health care that notices oneself, also be oversight more mammary health care. But the expert points out, the breast is very important to the woman, accordingly, more should attentive caress. .hzh {display: none; }  Caress female breast […]

The turn of life also has ” spring “

Think commonly, female (female food) in 45, 55 years old between by middleaged (middleaged food) enter old age (senile food) , menstruation is stopped gradually, this transfers level calls the turn of life. The turn of life (food of the turn of life) occurrence physiology foundation, as a result of,be ovarian degrade, function by decrease […]

The female enters the turn of life how to prevent a disease

The turn of life is entered after the female is 45 years old, enter after 50 years oldMenopausePeriod, as a result of body insideEstrogenDecrease, can appear one system symptom, be like: .hzh {display: none; } One, cardiovascular disease: After menopauseArterial congee appearance is scleroticReach miocardial infarction to increase apparently, stalk of the heart the woman […]

Filling gas raises hematic health woman to know surely

“Gas ” the main effect in human body: .hzh {display: none; } Learning to go up in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is a very main idea, grow because of what it is regarded as human body the material inside movement of development, internal organs of the body, body is carried, what deliver and […]

Burn goose – mom nutrition cookbook allows before pregnant

Burn goose .hzh {display: none; } Material: ?  embeds melt?00 gram, bamboo shoot piece 100 grams Condiment: ? From lofty of discharge of ⒋ of lofty of ⒀ of Pi of lowing ⒘ free time? GingerSilk each are right amount Practice: 1. Will take bone goose abluent, stripping and slicing. 2. Hot oil explodes […]

Pregnant produces period health care: How to alleviate pregnancy constipation and diarrhoea

  ConstipationBest dietotherapy .hzh {display: none; } Gestation becauseAlvine peristalsis decreases, alvine tension is abate, carry momentum decreases, together with uterus and fetal head are oppressive, causeDefecate difficulty, cause very easilyConstipation, bring about evenHaemorrhoid. Corrective best method is to notice dietary structure, move more, time defecate, cannot use cathartic, unfavorable also useOpen dew of a place […]

How does winter female take a beautiful skin

Water: Eliminate toxin .hzh {display: none; } Drinking water is the first move of counteractive consenescence probably. Inside body, water is in charge of carrying useful material (nutrient, hormonal… ) , eliminate the rubbish inside body. The meeting that lack water disturbs be balanced inside body, also can affect cutaneous balance of course. When water […]

The female does 10 checkup surely

SkeletalMineralDensity examination .hzh {display: none; } Why to need it? Check you to suffer from likelyOsteoporosisDisease. According to American countryOsteoporosisDisease foundation is investigated, there are near 10   in American old people 0 person contracts this disease, among them 80% it is a female. When to go checking?    MenopauseHind 6-7 year, the female can […]

Let a woman have the healthy kind that raise blood

Female preserve one’s health should take seriously above all maintain gas blood. Hematic enough talent makes complexion ruddy beautiful beautiful, classics blood is normal, full-blooded. A lot of women know need to be in pass all sorts of means busily to maintain oneself, but when the action rises we often are on wrong way easily […]