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How does leucorrhoea answer net of the way to keep in good health of _ of crowd of thing _ preserve one’s health less

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One, how does leucorrhoea return a responsibility less
2, what is leucorrhoea
3, the unusual symptom of leucorrhoea

How does leucorrhoea return a responsibility less

1, how does leucorrhoea return a responsibility less

Cause female leucorrhoea to measure little reason a lot of, a few females may because of the constitution poorer or other each sides appear consequently formerly the phenomenon with leucorrhoea little quantity, after entering the turn of life like the female ovarian may gradually atrophic, the function drops and cause female leucorrhoea to measure little phenomenon, the quantity can be in the leucorrhoea that these normal physiology reasons bring about less to notice to maintain at ordinary times will undertake preventing and cure. How does leucorrhoea return a responsibility less

Divide normal physiology reason to be, female leucorrhoea quantity is little cause by a few ovarian diseases normally, wait like ovarian premature senility, ovarian cyst, ovaritis, these ovarian diseases can bring about ovarian occurrence function to drop normally, maladjusted or it is sex hormone level low wait and cause leucorrhoea quantity to appear less.

In addition, endocrine also is to cause female leucorrhoea to measure a little main factor, the meeting such as scar of maladjusted, spirit creates a few endocrine diseases, period female endocrinopathy, can cause female leucorrhoea then the quantity is little.

2, leucorrhoea is little how to prevent

On food beard attention avoids hot excitant food. Avoid as far as possible when summertime dress is less sedentary on the bus, want to wear the comfortable, dress that breathe freely. Sex should be banned when cure, do not stop drug by oneself when self-conscious symptom just disappeared. Normally as far as possible little take antibiotic, with avoiding to destroy the vagina normal bacterium is planted evenly.

3, leucorrhoea is little what should notice

Ferial need not sanitation is protected mat. Some ladies fear leucorrhoea is flyblown briefs, although not be period, like always also to use sanitation to protect mat. Honest, protect mat permeability to differ, use for a long time not wholesome, if used disinfection to be protected badly,fill up, action is to be just the opposite to what one wished more. Additional, unfavorable also classics often cleans the vagina with all sorts of medicine fluid, such doing can destroy vaginal core place instead, bring about bacterium group maladjusted and cause vaginitis. Does psychology adjust: ? Rice of ┤ of suddenly of Mi left-eyed flounder makes an appointment with? of Lv of neon of wail  male to learn psychology to adjust, maintain good mentation, escape by sheer luck is beyond the mark and excited with termagancy. Enhance immune force: ? ? of earth of Ke brother’s son enhances a constitution, accomplish Morpheus justice of enough, food, nutrition is balanced, eat the food that contains a lot ofa vitamin more. How does leucorrhoea return a responsibility less

What is leucorrhoea

Leucorrhoea, namely the vagina discharges fluid, be reach body of gland of the film inside the uterus to secretion mixes and be become by body of gland of neck of exudation of vaginal mucous membrane, palace, the skin falls off on embedded vagina cell, leucocyte sends ill sex bacterium with a few blame. Below normal circumstance, of vaginal platoon fluid follow menstrual cycle with the quantity character and change. After period is only, quantity of vaginal platoon fluid is little, lubricious white, show mushy. In menstrual metaphase ovarian be about to when oviposit, secrete as a result of body of palace neck gland exuberant, leucorrhoea grow in quantity, transparent, small stick the press proof that seem an egg. Oviposit 2 ~ after 3 days, the vagina discharges fluid to become muddy, stiff stick and the quantity is little. Go by around, because pelvic cavity congests, exudation of vaginal mucous membrane increases, leucorrhoea often grow in quantity.

If the color of leucorrhoea, qualitative, volume produces unusual change, call leucorrhoea unusual. Clinical on as a result of,major woman leucorrhoea is unusually carelessly individual sanitation is caused, normal person uses vulva of clear water cleanness can. If do not have disease of department of gynaecology, also do not have the need of special antiseptic diminish inflammation, had better not use female lotion too much. According to the report, the woman that rinses fluid with the vagina is compared need not the woman pelvic cavity of vaginal strong lotion affects danger to lead heighten 73% , main reason is what to use what destroyed the vagina to lotion from clean function, bacterium of cause of disease of as a result gets a change to step in. How does leucorrhoea return a responsibility less

The unusual symptom of leucorrhoea

Normal leucorrhoea is white, sometimes transparent, sometimes ropy, without peculiar smell. If the color of leucorrhoea, qualitative, volume produces unusual change, call leucorrhoea unusual. Leucorrhoea is phenomenon of a kind of physiology, leucorrhoea is the signal of disease of the genital inside the female unusually. Are white or grey yellow spumescent leucorrhoea: ? ? of an ancient small-mouthed wine vessel of grandma of vertebra of Lao of Xi of  abb play may be accompanied have vulva importance. Curd shape or: of leucorrhoea of appearance of bean curd broken bits? Constant companion of? of an ancient small-mouthed wine vessel of grandma of vertebra of Lao of Xi of scandium tenon  has austere vulva importance or bright is painful. Does gray all pledge: of fishlike smell leucorrhoea? The flavour after Tuo?** heals very; is common at disease of bacterial sex vagina.

: of purulent appearance leucorrhoea? ? of slope of  Ping Jie is ropy, have a stink more, guan Yanjun of neck of phlogistic, palace can cause neck of the acute vaginitis of the bacterial be caused by such as trichomonad or gonococcus, palace. Palace antrum accumulates neck of pus, palace remain of the eyewinker inside malignant tumor or vagina also can bring about malignant tumor, vagina purulent appearance leucorrhoea. : of colorless and transparent agglutinant leucorrhoea? Solid gather up Ti? character and oviposit excretive of body of gland of period palace neck is mucous and similar, but secrete an amount relatively apparent at ordinary times increase, should consider the film inside chronic palace neck commonly phlogistic, ovarian function the likelihood of the disease such as cancer of gland of tall become divided of disease of gland of maladjusted, vagina or palace neck.

: of leucorrhoea of courage and uprightness? Shape  Xie Xuan wakes polyp of neck of cancer of the film inside malignant tumor, uterus, palace or mucous membrane issue neck of palace of Lv of  ? take an examination flesh tumour. Put the birth control inside palace to also can cause leucorrhoea of courage and uprightness. Sample leucorrhoea: ? In if? of shape of  of  of appearance of Yue of  Qiao fine gold returns companion to have strange smelly, it is terminal palace neck commonly companion of tumour of the flesh below malignant tumor or mucous membrane affects malignant tumor, vagina. Clonic the possibility that eduction yellow or gules sample leucorrhoea should note tubal cancer.


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