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Love breast from take the world of cate of _ of block breast cancer

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Love breast from take block breast cancer

2012-02-07 14:07:22

Him care, with respect to the problem that should courage faces up to a breast, because,fasten bashful and conceal one’s fault for fear of criticism. Besides often feel oneself, also want to let friend, sweetheart help you feel, may nonsked rummage, can discover a problem more.

"Love breast from take block breast cancer

Avoid to drink: Drink to the female, its harm should compare the male to be gotten greatly much. The dangerous sex that drinking woman contracts breast cancer is more very few the person that drink is tall, daily drink cup or 1 l cup above person, suffer from sex of breast cancer danger to compare heighten of the person that drink rarely 45 % above, this kind of dangerous sex is being shown most in the woman before menopause. Think at present, the leaf before alcohol can stimulate pituitary urges the exudation of lacteal element, and the element that urge breast is concerned with breast cancer happening again. Accordingly, female especially the female of menopause around, should abstinence or little drink.

Drink coffee less: Coffee, cocoa, chocolate, many caffein is contained in this kind of food, yellow purine can make mammary gland hyperplasia, and mammary gland hyperplasia is concerned with breast cancer happening again. Female especially the woman before menopause, if cross much ground to absorb this kind of food, as coffeine a large number of absorbing, the dangerous sex of breast cancer happening increases with respect to can big earth. Accordingly, female especially the female of middleaged above, should little drink coffee, eat chocolate less.

Eat Chinese cabbage and bean products more: A kind of compound is contained in Chinese cabbage, occupy the 1 % of Chinese cabbage weight about, can help decompose estrogen. Bean products contains different yellow ketone, can restrain the happening of breast cancer effectively. In addition, alga of fungus of corn, edible, sea, garlic, tomato, tangerine kind also have effect with the vegetables and fruits such as oar fruit fruit.

Have a fish more: According to concerning a report, the woman of the country such as the United States that fish food eats lesser, Switzerland, Canada and New Zealand, breast cancer occurence rate all taller, and absorb the Japan with fish more food, occurence rate of woman breast cancer is inferior. Experts say, a kind of fatty acid is contained in fish, have the effect that restrains cancer cell hyperplasia, often have some of fish more appropriately, very beneficial to preventing breast cancer.


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