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The world of cate of _ of dietary build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food of hepatitis of sex of old people virus

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The dietary build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food of hepatitis of sex of old people virus

2012-02-07 13:59:17

By the disease of a kind of infectivity that hepatitis virus causes, with liver cell denaturation, inflammation is reached necrotic change for main pathology. Clinical go up can divide it is armour model (contagious hepatitis) , second (serum nest wishs  ⒈  lows cook over a slow fire of ⒍ ⌒ bald buttock appears a nest to live 2 ” arrest wishs Jian of lowing ⒍ of Sheng of ⒀ of Chi of badge of  of balance of Zhong Xing of Dong of neck of Qiu of  of nest word Tao! ?

(one) dietary principle

Still do not have specially good effect to medication to virus sex hepatitis at present, nutrition and food have quite important place in hepatitis cure. Reasonable nutrition can promote the rehabilitate of liver cell and second birth, happening that improve liver meritorious service and reduces complication.

1. Make sure enough quantity of heat furnishs, general and daily with 8400 ~ 10500 1000 anxious (2500 kilocalorie of 2000 ~ ) more appropriate. The therapy of high quantity of heat of the hepatitis that advocated in the past cannot be taken, because although can improve clinical symptom,high fever is measured, but can send fatty liver finally, can make an illness exasperate instead, reason fraud is more than benefit.

2. Carbohydrate, can occupy the 70 % of 60 ~ of total heat energy commonly. The food of high in syrup that used in the past also wants to correct, because of food of high in syrup, cross much dextrose, fructose, cane sugar to be able to affect patient appetite especially, aggravating stomach bowel bilges gas, make adipose keep in storage increases inside body, yi Zhifei is fat with fatty liver. Carbohydrate supply basically should pass staple food.

3. To promote the rehabilitate of liver cell and second birth, should increase protein supply, should occupy the 15 % of total heat energy commonly, should assure particularly a certain quantity of high grade albumen, the supply that waits like animal sex protein, bean products.

4. Adipose absorb can not impose restriction commonly, because hepatitis patient has the symptom such as oil of be disgusted with and inappetence more, normally the circumstance falls, won’t appear adipose absorb overmuch problem.

5. Make sure the vitamin furnishs. Vitamin B1, vitamin B2, Buddhist nun overcomes acid to wait for vitamin of B a group of things with common features and vitamin C, have main effect to improving a symptom. Besides choosing to contain a lot ofthe food of these vitamins, goluptious also take a variety of vitamin preparation.

6. The liquid with ample supply. Proper juice of water of much drink fruit juice, rice water, honey, watermelon, can quicken poison to excrete reach assure function of hepatic and normal metabolization.

7. Notice cook method, promotional food quality, sweet, flavour, form, with appetitive. Avoid panbroils, scamper reach intense excitant food, restrict the food of the object height of the soak that contain nitrogen such as broth, chicken broth, in order to reduce hepatic burden.

8. Use a few much food.

(2) cookbook citing

Breakfast: Rice congee (rice 50 grams)

Steamed twisted roll (flour 50 grams)

Egg of the tea that boil (egg 50 grams)

Mix cucumber (cucumber 100 grams)

Add meat: Apple 100 grams

Lunch: Rice meal (rice 150 grams)

Bamboo shoot of the needle that fry liver piece (pork liver 100 grams, asparagus lettuce 100 grams)

Cucumber soup (cucumber is 50 grams, thin pork 10 grams, caraway 30 grams)

Add meat: Banana 100 grams

Dinner: Millet congee (millet 50 grams)

Multi-layer steamed bread (flour 100 grams)

Shredded meat fries celery (thin pork 50 grams, celery 50 grams)

Bean curd of the five spices coils (dry bean curd 50 grams, cabbage 50 grams)

Full day cook uses oil 20 grams

Full day heat energy 9450 1000 anxious (2250 kilocalorie) the left and right sides.

(3) food chooses a point

1. Fish, lean lean, egg, grandma kind, the high grade protein food such as bean products should preferential assure. Staple food should assure.

2. Increase fresh vegetable, fruity to absorb.

3. Prohibit strictly drinking.

4. Shen Yongxin is hot wait for excitant food.


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