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The world of cate of officinal value _ of shepherd’s purse

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The officinal value of shepherd’s purse

2012-02-07 13:55:21

Ji Lai a Ji. Belong to plant of the mustard family. Collect its early spring tender seedling makes potherb edible, faint scent is goluptious. Some urban suburban districts make vegetable via helping advance somebody’s career artificially now, although bigger, but aroma is poor. Pure Brightness around adopts the complete grass that takes a flower to offer officinal, renown shepherd’s purse spends Chinese traditional medicine.

≯ of flavour of ≮ cate sex

Flavour pleasant, sex is smooth, avirulent.

≯ of ≮ cate composition

Complete grass contains vitamin B and C, Huluobo acerbity Potassium of glucoside of acid of element, Yan, yellow ketone, protein, adipose, shepherd’s purse, choline, acetyl choline and caseous amine. The seed contains adipose oil and minim mustard oil, choline, bitter almond enzymatic etc.

≯ of ≮ cate function

Area of agent of shepherd’s purse decoct sheds dip battalion, all have the effect of excited animal uterus, can shorten the cruor of the animal. Divide in additional shepherd’s purse outside containing the active ingredient that reduces blood pressure, the likelihood still contains the part of excited breath.

Hypertensive, eye ground bleeds:

Shepherd’s purse spends lotus of drought of 15 grams, Mo Zao 12 grams, water simmer in water is taken.

Uterus of woman the turn of life bleeds:

Shepherd’s purse spends gram of 15 grams ~30, angelica 9 grams, water simmer in water is taken.

Haematemesis, haemoptysis, nosebleed, gingival haemorrhage:

Section of leaf of shepherd’s purse flower, arborvitae, lotus root each 12 grams, water simmer in water is taken.

Chronic and dysenteric, enteron ulcer bleeds:

Shepherd’s purse flower, white Ji each 15 grams, water simmer in water is taken.

Kidney n/med tuberculosis, blood in the urine, secrete make water fastens stone, chyle make water, or woman bare leucorrhoea:

Before shepherd’s purse flower, car child each 18 grams, water simmer in water is taken.

Kidney n/med tuberculosis, blood in the urine:

Bright shepherd’s purse 240 grams (if be tasted to work,use 30 grams) add water 3 bowls at the decoction in made of baked clay boiler, to juice of remnant L bowl when, infiltrate egg 1, thoroughly cook, add saline touch next, eat dish, egg together below. If course became old, can chew feed spit broken bits. Light disease is daily L second, weigh disease 2 times, take a month to be L period of treatment repeatedly, 1~2 period of treatment still can be taken after disappearing to the symptom. Does Guangdong data say: ? ?0 of boil in water for a while of Juan of v/LIT all over the ground lintel more than, think the result is favorable.

Nephritis oedema:

Shepherd’s purse, careless Li child each 30 grams, water simmer in water goes broken bits, a day of cent 2 take 3 times one.


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