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Recommend darling spring to prevent dry complementary feed _ cate the world

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Recommend darling spring to prevent dry complementary feed

2017-03-13 10:23:06

Spring arrived, weather is drier and drier, darling form content produces unripe internal heat easily, pass water is little, neurological easy also and disorder, the mood of darling becomes easily also accordingly move restlessly disturbed, this kind of darling reaction in spring, not be the problem of mood and mentally only, probable the certain nutrition that is human body is absorbed lopsided those who cause.

Those who give baby complementary eat choice clear fire, should wet food, notice compensatory nutrition. A few spring food that suit darling introduce below:

Vegetable: Pumpkin and lotus root

Pumpkin can prevent darling lip weather-shack, nasal cavity bleeds reach the skin is dry wait for a symptom, can enhance power of human body immunity, symptom of ameliorative spring dry. Eat pumpkin to want to darling right amount, quantity of a day shoulds not be more than one times staple food, also do not want too little.

The darling of bit, can do bit of pumpkin paste, pumpkin after evaporate is ripe, ordinal add candy, milk, egg, thoroughly cook next can.

Somes big darling, usable pumpkin mixes meal, cut pumpkin into broken bead, cleaned out rice add water to be boiled inside electric meal Bao, after the boil that need water, join leaf of pumpkin bead, Chinese cabbage to wait, boil after rotting, cheer slightly, salt flavors to be become namely. Rice wants soft some soddener.

Darling a year old many later, still can do congee of pumpkin violet rice. pumpkin section, rice, big jujube abluent, with pumpkin piece put together water is added to boil inside boiler, use fierce anger boil first, convert after slow fire, boil rot to rice can.

Oaten pumpkin congee

Xian Ouzhong contains a lot of carbohydrate that absorb easily, vitamin and microelement to wait. Lotus root can make heat of darling Qing Dynasty promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, embellish lung relieves a cough, still can fill the five internal organs. Lotus root can be eaten raw, also can match with other food.

The darling of 6 months above, can take lotus root and honey steam to darling together, cut lotus root into flake, on mud is pounded after boiler evaporate is ripe, mix even with honey.

The darling of 12 months above, can do Xian Ouli juice to be drunk to him. Take out Xian Ouhe plows the part that cannot eat, extract juice, add bit of candy again can.


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