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Filling nutrition of pregnancy accurate mom was not cheated by these 6 crooked manage _ cate the world

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Pregnancy allowed mom filling nutrition to be not cheated by these 6 crooked manage

2016-11-14 17:20:58

Some mammy do namely do not understand: Why my pregnancy has a thing desperately, but be born,slant thin, oneself are fat however many. You had thought, the pattern that nutrition complements during you are pregnant probably is fundamental incorrect.

Crooked manage one: Be pregnant is one person has two people share

If beside have pregnant friend, small make up often also hear everybody to say to her: “You must take a place more, you now can be the meal that a person has two people. ” actually, the appetite that is pregnant not to represent you wants X2 even X3, if eat too much, bad to the body instead.

No matter staple food is rice or cooked wheaten food, bases is carbohydrate, it is the main source that candy distinguishs, can provide energy for the body, but also can become adipose store rise. Because pregnancy activity decreases, pregnant woman does not need to increase too much staple food to also can obtain weight to grow commonly, eat get too much, weight to grow to pass too much fast, can cause blood sugar unusual (gestation gets diabetic) easily as a result of physiology change. Gravid diabetic not only affect fetal growth, also endanger maternal health, and mother suffer from diabetic possibility to also increase greatly in the future.

For precaution gravid diabetic, proposal pregnant Mom every eat a bowl of meal, add eat not to eat the powdery area with too much high quantity of heat, cake, should have take a walk appropriately wait for motion, pay close attention to the proper growth of weight.

Crooked manage 2: Whats eat balanced and prandial =

If the home has an old person, they can let you taste all sorts of food unendingly everyday. “Whats take a place, said on TV, want balanced food. ” feed material to take recipe side actually, balanced and prandial than ” whats eat ” should more meticulous.

Actually balanced and prandial it is to should be offerred accord with wholesome requirement, nutrition comprehensive, deserve to compare reasonable prandial standard and prandial recipe. When the person’s body is finishing all sorts of metabolization activities, need is all sorts of protein, adipose, carbohydrate, water, vitamins, mineral and must microelement, still need a variety of 40 nutriment such as prandial fiber.

Say so, have so much nutriment without a kind of any food, too much of course also be no good, experience occurrence problem personally. You can know now balanced and prandial not be whats eat.

Crooked manage 3: Much draft fruit always right

We often say to during be pregnant, want to eat fruit vegetables more, then some pregnant Mom eat a fruit incontinently, some pregnant Mom criterion more do not rely on chart: Will replace vegetable with the fruit.

Fruit not only have a vitamin, candy cent is very much also, eat to also can absorb too much candy to divide more, bring about weight to had grown many. Expert proposal pregnant woman eats 200-400 to overcome a fruit everyday can, arrive namely two fruits. opposite fruit, the proposal eats vegetable more, especially greenery dish, the fruit replaces its vitamin, prandial fiber hard, and vegetable quantity of heat is low (the) of quantity of heat that a jin of Xie Cai is equal to an apple.

Actually we let pregnant Mom want much draft fruit is not excessive is incontinent eat, and vegetable also has his irreplaceable quality.


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