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The world of these thing _ cate do not take before be pregnant

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These things do not have before be pregnant

2013-11-09 11:41:02

Thing of the inedible before be pregnant. Be pregnant with the greatest desire that a healthy darling is every new father and new mother, before be pregnant without giving thought to so, conceive pregnancy or be to be pregnant later period, want to make the preparation of nice perfectly sound, of course food is Chongzhongzhi is weighed, what there is before that is pregnant is inedible.

Thing of the inedible before be pregnant:

1, cannot excessive edible is acrimony food

The digestive function that hot food regular meeting arouses normal person is disorder, be like: Gastric ministry unwell, dyspeptic, constipation, produce haemorrhoid even.

As a result of after be pregnant, be brought up fetally, itself can affect the digestive function of pregnant woman and defecate, if pregnant woman is maintaining from beginning to end,eat acrimony alimental convention, the result can accentuate on one hand the symptom of the indigestion of pregnant woman and constipation or haemorrhoid, also can affect the pregnant woman supply to fetal nutrition on the other hand, increase the difficulty of childbirth even. The 3-6 before because this is in,the plan is pregnant the month should stop to have acrimony alimental habit.

2, cannot content of excessive edible tall sweet

Before be pregnant, husband and wife is bilateral especially the woman, if often content of edible tall sweet, often may cause candy metabolization is disorder, become potential diabetic even; After be pregnant, as a result of the fetal need inside pregnant woman body, pregnant woman intake increases or continue to keep progestational diet structure, appear extremely easily pregnancy is diabetic. Pregnancy is diabetic the health that endangers him pregnant woman not only, heavier if endanger the fetal health inside pregnant woman body,development is mixed grow, appear extremely easily slink, abortion or stillborn foetus. After baby is born, pregnant woman becomes typical diabetic, and darling may be tremendous or patient of cerebrum development obstacle, the health that affects baby grows.

3, avoid to take the provision that contains coffeine

The female that preparation is pregnant does not cross much more drinkable coffee, tea to contain the beverage of coffeine and provision with etc. After certain abroad expert studies, think, the material that coffeine regards a kind as to be able to affect female physiology to change can be in on certain level inside change female body the scale of female, progestational hormone, restrain oosperm to be worn in intrauterine secondhand thereby bed and development.

4, avoid to eat all sorts of ” pollution ” food

Answer to choose fresh and natural food as far as possible, avoid edible to contain the provision of additive agent for food, pigment, antiseptic, cooked food. The fruit want abluent hind ability edible, remain in order to avoid agriculture chemical. Avoid to eat souse food: Although this kind of food is delicate, but Bi of third of embedded nitrite, benzene, very adverse to the body.


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