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Complexion becomes yellow, 7 kinds of food can bleach _ cate the world

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Complexion becomes yellow, 7 kinds of food can bleach

2017-12-07 16:25:58

To the woman, “Yellow face mother-in-law ” this title is the poetry with the greatest power! It is OK that so a lot of females are being searched the United States’ white method, because let a woman become the reason of yellow face mother-in-law to have a lot of, think the United States fizzles out in vain might as well begin from food. Learn the small doohickey that a few beauties fizzle out in vain, give you save money effective!

“Yellow face mother-in-law ” feature

1, mother-in-law of smoking yellow face: The hair on the face is yellow, dim without the god, of cigarette ” smoke is polluted ” , the freedom that can make skin generation many base, your blood and lymphatic loop not free, skin toxin cannot be discharged effectively, can make skin hair yellow, bring about pigment precipitation possibly also at the same time. The dental calculus with yellow finger, mottled extensive, it is smoking those who stay is facial ” sequela ” .

2, inherent model yellow face mother-in-law: Look is dark Huang Bujun divide evenly, oriental complexion fizzles out easily, because we are wampee skin,be, color of skin fizzles out to be met it seems that dark dumb without light, but although major person is yellow, can still a few other pigments are counteracted. But some people are sadder — her maize element is more.

3, mother-in-law of housewife yellow face: Complexion is sallow, companion has glossy, housewife people everyday work even if prepare food cook, the lampblack in the process is enveloped imperceptible can make you turn true yellow face into the mother-in-law, look look sallow, glossy is full of, add for you age many.

7 kinds of food let you leave ” yellow face mother-in-law “

1, pumpkin

Disappear of be good at stomach feeds skin quality to still be concerned with digestive function, digestive function is weak, the skin is easy lose luster. If you return love to eat deepfry food, become more easily ” yellow face mother-in-law ” . Pumpkin is the ace that disappear of be good at stomach feeds, can promote bile to secrete, strengthen peristalsis of intestines and stomach, what what contain is pectic still can protect gastric mucous membrane, reduce the coarse food stimulation to the stomach. Pumpkin or traditional Chinese medical science approbate enrich the blood beautiful is tasted, the iron that contains a lot ofamong them, cobalt and zincic element are the good raw material that enrich the blood. Often eat pumpkin to won’t become not only ” yellow face mother-in-law ” , still can have a good color.

2, yam

Fill lienal beneficial enrages lienal empty to be able to make a woman anile quicken, complexion is sallow, furrow also can be added gradually much. So the woman does not think old, fill lienal very important! Yam has the effect of effort of filling empty lack, increase, be good at taste, quantity of heat has 1/3 of rice only, fill while lienal beneficial is enraged, return can reduce fat effectively.

3, banana

Pleasurable ” laugh, 10 junior ” the stand or fall of the mood is very big to body influence. Risible person looks more young have energy, might as well when the mood is bad eat some ” happy fruit ” (banana) . Banana contains the part such as pantothenic acid, can restrain melancholy, ease tension of psychological pressure, untangle, humor letting a person became good. Banana is returned can embellish bowel is aperient, eduction toxin, kill two birds with one stone.

4, corn

Food of modern of health care of coarse food grain is too delicate, what prandial fiber eats is too little, toxin piles up inside body, complexion is bad to still grow spot, how can you show old? Corn is the sanitarian king in coarse food grain, not only prandial fiber is rich, still can diuresis discharges poison, endotoxin of relaxed eduction body, weak spot beautiful skin. Female friend often eats corn, still can complement vitamin E and ” macrobian factor ” peptide of cereal Guang pleasant, defer consenescence effectively, eat younger more.

5, tomato patch

Beautiful white skin maintains the skin to fair-skinned in vain is each desire that loves belle person, potato can help you come true, apply of to be taken orally, all-around the United States is white! Contain rich vitamin C tomato patch, it is 20 times of the apple, have very good effect to caressing the skin, beautiful Bai Kang to knit. Potato chips can eliminate pouch, black rim of the eye quickly, with potato juice the film that make a range returns furrow of splash of can effective desalt, alleviate bask in, suntan.

6, soya bean

What compensatory protein woman can be short of least of all is protein, lack protein skin to be able to lose flexibility, how much using to protect skin to taste is wasteful! The protein content of soya bean is more than milk, it is more easy also to absorb, female friend must take more. In the meantime, often eat soya bean to be able to reduce put oneself in another’s position effectively inside adipose content, the different yellow ketone that contain a lot ofstill can activation the estrogen inside body, breast enhancement carries buttock, model perfect curve.

7, chrysanthemum

Because working life pressure is great,subsidence of a swelling calms the nerves, a lot of friends often insomnia, pouch disappear is not dropped, the skin is coarser and coarser, these problems drink some of chrysanthemum scented tea to be able to be solved, take temporary solution effect a permanent cure. Chrysanthemum sex is cool, smooth liver bright eye, have very good effect to eliminating eye dropsy. Pigment of abundant essence oil, chrysanthemum is contained inside chrysanthemum, can restrain the generation of skin melanin effectively, soft change cuticular cell, improve skin problem, protect skin to taste material benefit than using much. Chrysanthemum can calm the nerves undisturbedly, slow nerve, improve Morpheus quality, had rested, these problems were solved.

The woman knows the United States to fizzle out in vain surely small doohickey

1, cucumber of the apply before sleeping: When wanting to sleep in the evening everyday, take small cucumber to cut hail to place a face to had gone up a few minutes to be taken, face of a moon is met white tender.

2, make up Shui Meibai: Can use before sleeping make up cotton is added make up after water is soaked completely, apply is in 20 minutes on the face, every week 3, the skin can have the Shui Liangqing that cannot think of to appear.

3, professional beauty is white: If possible sentence, as far as possible weekly or 10 days make groovy skin protect to beauty parlour, below beautician guidance the choice suits the period of treatment with young simple skin, undertake beautiful Bai Hebao wet special nurse. Or use week nurses product and element of beautiful white cream and oil of essence of life are repaired protect series, beautician is operated for you and massage please, the likelihood surpasses the effect to be at ordinary times in the home the achievement of a month.

4, chamfer is qualitative: Because modern contacts external ambient conditions to become poor, work and rest of dietary disequilibrium, life is abnormal, stay up late, smoking, drink, the element influence such as the mood, regular meeting makes metabolization speed slow down, abnormal metabolization makes corneous cell cannot fall off naturally, thick thick accumulation is in the surface, cause the skin coarse, dark heavy, of place put on the skin maintain article, also often be held off by the protective screen of this heavy panel, cannot be absorbed by the vivid cell below.

5, compensatory collagen albumen: Science studies discovery forms cutaneous basis is collagen albumen, albumen of the collagen in the skin is occupied 72% , in derma 80% it is collagen albumen, collagen albumen made a piece of close bounce net in the skin, chain water is divided, if there is the skin like bracket. The female has begun ageing, prediction of a person’s luck in a given year in albumen of the collagen when 20 years old, content year after year drops, 25 years old enter the fastigium of prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, when 40 years old, content is less than the half when 18 years old. Because this proper compensatory collagen albumen also is a kind of the United States’ white means.


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