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The summer basks in apply of cool white above easily the world of cate of the most practical _

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The summer basks in apply of cool white above easily the most practical

2017-07-11 18:10:01

Enter the summer, illumination becomes strong, the skin is basked in easily, if prevent and cure not in time, may cause the skin to be injured chronically, bring about pigment ad cool-headed, even if restores to also can stay what treat a gender hard bask in spot.

An investigation shows, the person of more than 80 % has appeared to be basked in, especially the skin is relatively white fair-skinned, the person that enter outdoors activity lesser perhaps is basked in more easily, exceed half the number not to understand among them prevent correctly bask in a method. And the emergency treatment processing after be being basked in. Basking in an injury is the look as a result of excessive (basically be ultraviolet ray) the reaction of skin acute smooth noxiousness that illuminate causes, cause the phlogistic sex reaction such as skin occurrence oedema, erythema.

The meeting after a lot of people are basked in is used when cleanness is facial make up water, perhaps use milk, cucumber: Watermelon substandard apply. Actually, for sensitive to the skin person, these metropolises form certain stimulation. The simplest, practical method is to use spread of cool white above, bask in after can putting plain boiled water freezer to refrigerate, use againer. The air that plain boiled water contains is few, come in natural refrigeration when 25 ℃ of 20 ~ , 50 % decrease before the gas of deliquescent amid compares boil. The property of water also produced change, between the element more close together, have stronger affinity to skin cell, can have the effect to filling water not only, still can make the skin drops in temperature quickly, eliminate the feeling with very hot hair, make the function of skin cell restores as soon as possible.

Cosmetic of out of service wants above all after the skin is basked in, avoid to contact sunlight, if cannot avoid, must have done defend, cold compress goes with cool Bai Kaijin in the meantime. Pledge cotton thin towel is soaked, fold 4, twist towel next come to work partly, tighten apply affected part. Every 5 ~ change 10 minutes, till till Sao feeling of urticant, burn disappears.

Hand ministry and sufficient ministry are basked in, can use wet spread of towel wrap up. If pass afore-mentioned processing, sao feeling of urticant, burn still did not disappear, the specification is basked in heavier, need to see a doctor to hospital dermatological department as soon as possible. After the symptom alleviates, to avoid the appearance that the skin appears to stretch tight drily, closely, but will contain the embellish skin that keeps wet part to breed besmear is in as soon as possible affected part, press gently knead, absorb in order to promote what the skin divides to water.

Bask in to prevent the skin, the most important is to do good precaution ahead of schedule, avoid to go out when ultraviolet ray is sharp, as above midday arrived at 10 o’clock afternoon at 3 o’clock. It is good to need to go out to also want to do really defend, use for instance prevent bask the umbrella. Major person is choosing prevent when basking in frost, can notice SPF index (the discretion of 15 ~ 30) , index of less attention PA (with + express, + more defense ability jumps over strong) , actually, SPF and PA resist respectively the UVB in ultraviolet ray and UVA light, only two indexes amount to mark, ability rises to prevent bask in the effect.

Additional, answer to avoid edible and food of apply photosensitive sex as far as possible, be like celery, grey dish, lettuce, fennel, three-colored amaranth, shepherd’s purse, spinach, caraway, cole, orange, citric, mango, pineapple. Snail kind, shrimp kind, crab kind, clam also belong to photosensitive sex food. If taking medicaments of ketone of Nuo of sulphur amine, Kui,also need discretion, after taking should notice to prevent inside 2 hours bask in.


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