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The fruit is fresh eat a law to recommend let you take the world of younger _ cate more

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The fruit is fresh eat a law to recommend let you eat younger more

2017-06-27 18:24:30

All sorts of nurture that human body place contains a lot ofto need in the fruit are qualitative, can say to often eat a fruit to be able to help us obtain healthy constitution well. So it eat what fruit is OK to eat what fruit hairdressing, make us younger and younger? Recommend a fruit to have a way newly for you next…


Every female hopes she is young and beautiful, a lot of people use all sorts of method to allow him youth resident even. Although the growth anybody of the age cannot be changed, but a few proper methods can let others feel you are younger really! There is proper grapefruit sweet smell on the body is a good subtle move! A newest research shows, if waving,the female goes up personally the perfume of grapefruit flavour, the male can feel you are compared actually young 6 years old. Grapefruit Pi Hou is able to bear or endure Tibet, have ” natural tinned fruit ” say. It contains the element with very rich protein, organic acid, vitamin and the essential human body such as calcic, phosphor, magnesian, natrium, other fruit place is likened to this hard. Besides nutrient value tall, still have be good at stomach, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it clear bowel of lung of expectorant, embellish, enrich the blood be good at lienal wait for effect, can appetitive, treat the disease such as indigestion, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it comes loose knot. Can promote cut heal, wait to septicemia have favorable auxiliary curative effect. To the friend of easy get angry, grapefruit can fall internal heat, restrain oral cavity ulcer.

Suitable quantity: A person eats the grapefruit that 100-200 overcomes one day, it is to compare what be absorbed easily by human body place.

Suit period of time: Grapefruit flavour small acid because this unsuited hollow edible, anteprandial a hour eats but appetitive.

Young have a way: Xian Youliu skin goes nucleus, match with boreal apricot, the bulb of fritillary, without bleaching Ran Xueer each 50 grams, addend bottle sweet candy, the edible after stewing.

Sugar cane:

Promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, wet one’s whistle goes a lot of people often feel dry the skin is dry, giddy be addicted to sleeps, react ability is reduced, at this moment if can eat some promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, wet one’s whistle goes the fruit of dry, can make the person becomes aware suddenly relaxed and comfortable. Sugar cane is the fruit with hydrous very high component, 84% what its moisture content occupies sugar cane, be being divided in dry compensatory in the winter water is indispensable, next the quantity containing iron of sugar cane can is be among the best of candidates in numerous fruit. It has the effect with nourishing hot Qing Dynasty, as cool and refreshing filling agent, to treating hypoglycemia, defecate dry and hard, pee is adverse, be perturbed is thirsty, queasy vomiting, the disease such as the cough asthma that lobar dry causes has certain curative effect. Nevertheless, because sugar cane sex is cold, taste Xu Han and the person with gastric aching abdomen are unfavorable edible.

Suitable quantity: The quantity of sugar cane is to need pilot most.

Suit period of time: Before sleeping, should not be the fruit with too much cent taking candy.

Young have a way: Still can cut 20-30 besides husking to eat directly centimeter paragraph, put boil in boiler 10 come scoop after minute take the advantage of heat to husk eat, such meetings are sweeter.


Improve cardiac muscle function, yangtao of heart disease of prevention and cure is the fruit with extremely high value of a kind of nutrition, be known as ” the king of the fruit ” . It contains acid of bright ammonia acid, benzene third ammonia, surprise more than 10 kinds of amino acid such as bright ammonia acid, cheese ammonia acid, third ammonia acid, and those who abound is mineral, include rich calcium, phosphor, iron, still contain carotene and a variety of vitamins. Yangtao is healthy to holding human body, prevent disease to treat a disease have main effect. Much edible yangtao can prevent senile osteoporosis, restrain the deposit of cholesterol, prevent and cure thereby arteriosclerosis, return function of ameliorable cardiac muscle, heart disease of prevention and cure, a bit action also can reach since antagonism cancer. Much edible yangtao, still can prevent the generation inside body to cross oxide too much, prevent the formation of senile plaque, defer human body consenescence. Often eat yangtao to be able to adjust in the winter human performance, enhance strength, the nutrition that compensatory human body needs.

Suitable quantity: 1-2 it is the amount that can be absorbed adequately by human body.

Suit period of time: Cannot hollow eat, the 1-3 after anteprandial meal the hour eats more appropriate.

Young have a way: But flay hind is direct edible; Also can add Ding Yi of right amount water, white sugar and banana man, apple to remove boil hind in yangtao juice, move the amylaceous edible that tick off Gorgon euryale with water.


Alleviate lung is hot, guttural gall pear can alleviate lung is hot, guttural gall pear contains an apple acerbity, citric acid, dextrose, fructose, calcic, phosphor, iron and a variety of vitamins, pear has wet one’s whistle to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, embellish lung relieves a cough, the function such as alimentary intestines and stomach, optimum at having inside hot patient edible. Especially to alleviating lung heats up heat of wind of cough, children, pharynx to do larynx the disease such as knot of dry of painful, defecate is relatively appropriate. Divide this beyond, pear still has reduce blood pressure, Qing Dynasty to heat up composed action. Hypertensive patient, if have tinnitus of giddy dazzled, heart-throb person, often eat pear, can relieve a symptom. Pear contains substantial candy component and vitamin, have defend liver and help digestive action. But, because pear sex is cold, taste empty is cold, indigestion reachs the person of postpartum deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, cannot feed more.

Suitable quantity: Nutrition is absorbed one day eats a pear the most easily.

Suit period of time: The 2-3 after the meal the hour suits most


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