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Fruit juice of children excessive drink will be hidebound _ cate the world

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Fruit juice of children excessive drink will be hidebound

2012-02-07 12:28:54

American pedology can warn the parent and paediatrics doctor- – right amount absorb, 100% pure fruit juice are healthy truly (healthy food) food; But if excessive is absorbed, can bring about disease of bowel of diarrhoea, stomach, hidebound, tooth to corrode wait for undesirable consequence.

Mention fruit juice, the parent can think this is healthy food, the child is drunk so that had jumped over more more. At the beginning of this year May, american pedology is met (AAP) proposal children drinkable fruit juice wants measurable.

Be in the United States, children is the largest juice consumption crowd. Rich vitamin is contained in pure fruit juice (vitamin food) C, should saying is a kind of healthy food. But science considers to make clear, children excessive is drinkable, can cause hidebound. Because, fruit juice is drunk much, the mother breeds or the intake of recipe grandma decreased naturally also.

Most fruit juice does not contain protein (protein food) , adipose, mineral, cellulose (cellulose food) , the other vitamin beyond vitamin C kind, contain many carbohydrate however (candy) , if absorb body in great quantities inside, can bring about children diarrhoea, bellyacke, abdominal distension reach a stomach to bilge gas. Because this fruit juice can not provide true camp,raise part.

If let children is whole days holding bottle, cup in the arms to wait,keep drinking, also drink before sleep even, can cause to the tooth erode. Beverage of some fruit flavour is not the pure fruit juice of 100% , added part of chemistry of etc of sweet taste agent, manufacturing pertumers among them, healthy to children influence more very.

In view of afore-mentioned reasons, AAP suggests as follows:

◎ the baby under 6 months is unfavorable and drinkable fruit juice;

The A-certificate of 6 months above uses ◎ feeder or cup are drinkable fruit juice. Because drinkable and convenient easy excessive is absorbed;

Before ◎ baby sleeps, should not be drink fruit juice;

◎ 1~6 year old children, the amount that absorbs fruit juice everyday must not exceed 4~6 ounce (add up to 113~170 to overcome about) ;

◎ 7~18 year old the amount that the child absorbs fruit juice everyday must not exceed 8~12 ounce (add up to 227~340 to overcome about) ;

◎ has the age to place paragraph the child will tell, draft fruit (fruit food) wanting is better than drinking fruit juice.


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