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Send the world of cate of _ of the habit that use oil the most easily

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Send the habit of cancer that use oil the most easily

2012-02-07 12:06:19

WorldNews of bound cate network: “Oily ” it is people daily the food that eats surely, crucial to human body health, if use undeserved, accumulate over a long period causes cancer possibly even. A few days ago, expert of our country famous heart and vessels Professor Hong Zhaoguang is in the light of people in dietary life is easy to edible oily respect a few errors that cause offerred a proposal.

Error 1: When a lot of people stir-fry, high temperature fried dish likes to use high temperature to explode fry, be used to when the oil in boiler is fumy just stir-fry, this kind of practice is unscientific. High temperature is oily not only can destroy alimental nutrition part, still can arise a few cross oxide and carcinogen. The proposal burns boiler first hot, pour oil again, can stir-fry at this moment, need not when oily fume.

Error 2: If do not have oil,do not have animal oil, with respect to the shortage that can cause the vitamin inside body and indispensible fatty acid, affect the health of human body. Emphasize having vegetable oil only blindly, do not have animal oil, also be no good. Below regular dose, the animal is oily (saturated fatty acid) it is beneficial to human body. The animal is oily (saturated fatty acid) it is beneficial to human body.. Cate ChinaCate China

Error 3: The oil that has onefold variety for a long time only now, average household is accomplished very hard still fry what dish to use what oil, but we suggest to had better be returned is edible of a few kinds of oily alternant collocation, or period of time uses a kind of oil, next period of time change another kind of oil, because have rarely,a kind of oil can solve the problem that all grease need.

Error 4: The crowd with the crowd with hematic abnormal fat or abnormal weight, what don’t have with oil for the special crowd with different abnormal to hematic fat crowd or abnormal weight, what we emphasize more is the tall sheet in choosing vegetable oil not saturated fatty acid. Going up with oily quantity, also want to be controlled somewhat. The person with hematic fat, normal weight always uses oily quantity to should be controlled in do not exceed 25 grams everyday, much not saturated fatty acid and odd not saturated fatty acid basically take an in part each. And the multitude that the crowd of fat and the confluence with unusual fat of old people, blood, fat crowd, relevant disease perhaps has fat family history, they everyday his quantity that use oil wants lower, should fall even 20 grams.


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