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The good fortune of _ of practice of the daily life of a family that how the mallard of taro of practice _ demon of demon taro mallard makes mallard of _ demon taro faces the door [heart cookbook]

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Brief introduction
Duck is sweet tender, demon taro slippery glutinous, already bouncy, more hold soft embellish concurrently, salty in the area is fresh, be better than is holothurian.


Advocate makings: Mallard800 grams, Demon taro400 grams,

Complementary makings: Pea needle100 grams, Horsebean starch13 grams,

Condiment: PepperyPink5 grams, Shallot20 grams, ginger 20 grams, Lardy50 grams, salt 10 grams, gourmet powder 3 grams


1. bloodlettings mallard butcher, wool of scald in order to remove hairs or feathers, eliminate is splanchnic, abluent, chop goes sufficient claw, pat a pine;

2. is kneaded in rub of duck inside and outside with salt even, enter a basin, add green, ginger (pat a pine) , on basket steam of the fire that use flourishing comes sodden;

3. demon taro takes its bulb, after be being washed via blowing, section is boiled sodden, dissolve thick stiff when, with limewater the dot is made and become demon taro bean curd;

Bean curd of 4. demon taro cuts 5 centimeters 1 centimeter wide, senior one brief note;

5. fries internal heat of boiler buy flourishing, infuse boiling water, float of bean curd of taro playing monster passes, take discrepancy bowl, with clear soup 300 milliliter immerse;

The mallard with good evaporate 6. is loaded dish inside;

Decant of 7. duck broth enters boiler in, the clear soup that add chicken 700 milliliter, salt, pepper, gourmet powder, bean curd of taro playing monster, pea is pointed, tick off Gorgon euryale with wet starch, drench on bright oil, irrigate duck of be out of office to go up to be become namely.