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The Jin Guanyuan of _ of practice of the daily life of a family that how the chicken broth of black of skin of practice _ melon of chicken broth of melon skin black does chicken broth of black of _ melon skin [heart cookbook]

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Brief introduction
Sweet alcohol, full-bodied, nutrition is rich.


Advocate makings: Watermelon skin, Black chicken, unripeBenevolence of the seed of Job’s tears, Dried tangerine or orange peel, Gallinaceous essence, PepperyPink, cooking wine, salt.


1, 5 minutes are boiled in putting black chicken boiled water, watermelon skin cuts chunk, benevolence of the seed of Job’s tears and dried tangerine or orange peel are abluent and stand-by;

2, right amount clear water will be entered inside Bao, after leaving with big baked wheaten cake, put raw material, convert small fire Bao 3 hours, join a few salt to flavor, can water boiling water eats the meat.