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The Meng Pan of _ of practice of the daily life of a family that how the wing of chicken of practice _ thick chili sauce of wing of chicken of thick chili sauce makes wing of chicken of _ thick chili sauce is easy [heart cookbook]

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Brief introduction
Gallinaceous wing is the food of individual character of it doesn’t matter, doing not have individual character nevertheless is best individual character, how to do delicious!


Gallinaceous wing1 jin, Thick chili sauce20 grams, green ginger a few, Chinese prickly ashAniseed a few, saline a few


1, gallinaceous wing is abluent flying water.

2, oil burns stir-fry before stewing of the hot ginger that add green to fry a fragrance, put gallinaceous wing stir-fry before stewing to fry an oil. (I am came out redundant oil to fry cole of a dish of egg again, the province is oily, basically be governor flesh)

3, boil enters cooking wine, again boil enters rice vinegar; Add water, aniseed, Chinese prickly ash to wait, stew 15 minutes a bit.

4, put Korea thick chili sauce, conflagration receives juice.

Small hang

If like very hot can put a bit thick chili sauce and gallinaceous wing to stew first boil.