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Close child the practice _ of is close child how does do _ to kiss child the kitchen below the _ of practice of the daily life of a family of [heart cookbook]

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Brief introduction
Close child is born Yumingzhi year, the that has 100 years of above history, it is the first ancestor of rice served with meat and vegetables on top. Close child of advocate material is chicken (close) with the egg (child) , be thoroughly cook chicken, sauce first, infiltrate egg juice, next lid of the boiler on the lid, a little stew boils boiler of of people of talent, move to go up to plain cooked rice next, enjoy egg juice the arrange of soft-boiled smooth mouthfeel, to achieve this kind of result, somebody invented this rice served with meat and vegetables on top special boiler. The lifted handle that boiler builds in side, can lift boiler lid with the rapiddest rate, lest egg juice is too ripe not delicious. Panhandle is in perpendicular design, size just is one person portion, also accorded with the principle with fast rice served with meat and vegetables on top.


Drumstick1, Onion1/2, Xian Sun1/2, Duck QinRight amount, Too whiteningRight amount, Silk of sea liver mossesRight amount, Egg2, saline a few, Soy dew1 big spoon, wine 1/2 big spoon, Flavour drenchs1/2 small spoon, jiang Ni 1 small spoon, Sesame oilA few, wine 1+1/2, flavour drenchs 1/2 small spoon, water 6 big spoon,


1. general drumstick is abluent, asperse on after a few salt quiet place comes 10 minutes tasty, with the wine water of 5% (water 100 wine 5 scale) abluent and drop doing reserves.

The chicken of 1 cuts 2. general course of action to arrange bulk, immerse chicken again bloating 10 minutes are made an appointment with to come in makings after tasty again drop is dry, touch equably in surface layer too whitening, finally with in lukewarm deepfry comes squashy reserve.

3. general liquor (1) is boiled with small fire, immediately joins the flameout after bavin slices of fish meat, wait for cool hind filter bits of bavin slices of fish meat reserves.

4. cuts Xian Sun, onion growing strip, duck respectively Qin is cut paragraph, egg break up reserves into egg fluid.

5. takes one small-sized pan, the course of action on even shop the Xian Sun of 4, onion and infuse course of action the liquor of 3, after boiling onion molten with small fire, course of action the chicken of 2 is mixed duck Qin is put, drench again on when egg juice submits half familiar form to its namely flameout, fast shop is on ready plain cooked rice, decorate with silk of sea liver mosses can.