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Often feed filling kidney of black soya bean to fight a head to decline hairdressing raises the world of cate of _ of Yan Fang constipation

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Often feed filling kidney of black soya bean to fight a head to decline hairdressing raises Yan Fang constipation

2016-10-12 11:31:48

Feed with black to fill, the beautiful that plants as legume is tasted — black soya bean is filling kidney more strong kidney, hairdressing is raised colour good feed capable person. Black soya bean contains the protein of tall actor, rich amino acid and microelement, can prevent cerebral consenescence, reduce cholesterol, fight often prevent decline, still can enhance peristalsis of intestines and stomach, prevent constipation. Often eat black soya bean, 100 disease are not unripe. Follow rapidly small make up look together ” magical black soya bean ” !

Black soya bean, renown Wu Dou. Contain a variety of rich protein, mine things and microelement. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks: Black soya bean its flavour pleasant, sex is smooth, avirulent. Have induce sweat Qing Dynasty hot, raise blood smooth liver, filling kidney is strong shade, filling empty is black the effect of hair. Li Shizhen says: “Black soya bean enters kidney effect much, reason can prevent floods by water control, disappear bilges, leave energy of life, treat wind to heat up and invigorate the circulation of blood divides poison.

Skin of black soya bean is black, contain cyanine element, cyanine element is very good antioxidant antecedents, the freedom inside can cleared body base. Fall in acidity environment of the stomach especially, it is good to defy result of left oxidation coming back, raise Yan Meirong, increase peristalsis of intestines and stomach.

The 5 your work of black soya bean use:

One, high protein low quantity of heat

The protein content of black soya bean is as high as 36% , 40% , be equivalent to the flesh kind of content 2 times, of the egg 3 times, 12 times of milk. Amino acid content abounds black soya bean, especially human body must 8 kinds of amino acid content.

Black soya bean contains 19% oil, among them top limit fatty acid 80% , absorptivity is as high as 95% above, be opposite besides can contented human body outside adipose demand, still have the cholesterol in reducing blood.

Cholesterol is the chief culprit chief culprit of disease of a lot of senile sexes, and black soya bean does not contain cholesterol, contain sterol of a kind of plant only, have restrain human body to absorb cholesterol, have the effect of content of the cholesterol in reducing blood.


Acetic bubble black soya bean


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