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Winter step-down feeds capable person — the world of cate of asparagus lettuce _

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Winter step-down feeds capable person — asparagus lettuce

2014-11-06 14:11:20

Guide language: After entering winter, the reduces the blood pressure that can give human body to bring fluctuation to fluctuate hidden danger of air temperature, how to eat ability to maintain blood pressure quite smooth, auxiliary reduce blood pressure? Wanting what recommend for everybody to feed capable person today is — asparagus lettuce. Potassium element is contained a lot ofin asparagus lettuce, can assist reduce high blood pressure of winter of blood pressure, precaution, and very rich vitamin still is contained in asparagus lettuce.

One, asparagus lettuce but demulcent step-down, winter collocation agaric is relaxed nutrition

Asparagus lettuce weighs dish of bamboo shoot of lettuce, lettuce, Qing Sun, Wo to wait again, it is one of common vegetable, the summer is normally mature. It eats law diversity, can fry feed, stew, yike cold and dressed with sause is unripe feed, mouthfeel delicacy is fragile, flavour is relaxed, love. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, pleasant of cool flavour of asparagus lettuce sex, put in classics of large intestine, stomach ‘s charge, can open distant profit, disappear to accumulate next gas, diuresis to connect breast, wide bowel aperient, commonly used at treating pass water adverse, hematuria, galactic be illogical, the disease such as bug snakebite, swollen poison. Dietetics thinks, lettuce Potassium content greatly content of prep above sodium, be helpful for the water electrolyte inside body balancing, stimulative micturition and galactic exudation. Have certain dietotherapy effect to patient of hypertensive, oedema, heart, in addition, contain in asparagus lettuce a few iodic element, its basal metabolis to the person, intelligence and constitution development even mood shift delimits have major effect. Because this asparagus lettuce has composed effect, often edible conduces to eliminate insecurity, help Morpheus. When eating asparagus lettuce, do not want to throw away asparagus lettuce leaf, what can enjoy asparagus lettuce better is delicate, harvest richer nutriment.

Asparagus lettuce mixes agaric


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