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Treat a disease the world of cate of _ of acetic bubble food

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Treat a disease acetic bubble food of health care

2014-11-10 14:55:36

Guide language: Common saying says, open the door 7 things: Bavin, rice, oily, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea. Vinegar is the dressing with commonly used people, also be a kind of health food, its are officinal value is very high. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, vinegar, flavour acid small suffering, the gender is lukewarm, have medicinal powder silt, hemostatic, alexipharmic, reduce the effect such as bug. Modern medicine considers to confirm, vinegar not only can aid digestion, increase appetite, still can reduce hematic fat and blood sugar, can restrain the toxin inside alvine path the influence to human body. Consider to discover, the food that vinegar immerses has the effect of disease of prevention and cure, be opposite especially hypertensive, coronary heart disease, diabetic, fat disease, cold, dry cough and defer consenescence to have special effect. Oneself start work make food of bubble of a few vinegar, go easily simply already, can receive again very good treat a disease and sanitarian effect.

Onion of 1. vinegar bubble: Abluent an onion, shuck cortical slice, put about 2 ~ heat 3 minutes in microwave oven, put onion in container again, join vinegar of 5 tablespoon edible, put in freezer next. The following day in the morning can edible. Everyday breakfast is fed with assist of this kind of onion, can discharge poison effectively to raise colour, reduce blood sugar, make lose weight.

Old vinegar earthnut

Pignut of 2. vinegar bubble: Immerse pignut at feeding vinegar in, one in the future edible, daily 2, every time 10 ~ 15. Hold to edible for a long time to be able to reduce blood pressure, bate blood-vessel, reduce the accumulation of cholesterol, it is the health food that prevents cardiovascular disease.



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