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Raise a key point: Take pair of what food advantage at raising the world of eye _ cate

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Raise a key point: Take pair of what food advantage at raising a key point

2012-02-07 14:23:32

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Connie, some beauty endowment lamp acts the role of the senior manager following sheet of the company, as a result of recently everyday working hours is in 12 hours of above, it is likely before computer, so Connie always feels an eye dry, aching, vision is ambiguous, hospital inspection arrives after, suffer from went up xerophthalmia and video terminal syndrome. “The vision is fatigue ” it is common phenomenon, can eat good food benefit to maintain at the eye more daily.

Raise a key point: Take pair of what food advantage at raising a key point

La Mei

The cyanine element that La Mei contains is content is highest in all fruits and vegetable, and the portion with cyanine the most substantial element of La Mei is in namely its peculiar purple peel place. “Cyanine element ” it is the important element that safeguards damage of eyesight of eye health, precaution. It is the pigment of a kind of dissolubility, color arrives all the time from blue gules. To the pharmacodynamics of cyanine element research discovers its inspect red element to be synthesized again to promoting, improvement circulates, fight ulcer, fight inflammation to have very good curative effect, OK and clear improvement uses eye exhaustion.


The Potassium in banana can help the salinity with human body redundant eduction, let the body achieve potassium natrium balance, alleviate the unwell symptom of the eye. In addition, many β is contained in banana carotene, when human body lacks this kind of substance, the eye can become ache, dry, eyeball does not have light, dehydrate little god. Eat banana to be able to relieve these symptoms not only more, still can alleviate on certain level eyestrain, avoid an eye to cross early consenescence.

3 article fish, swallow take fish, Sha Dian fish among them Ou Miga (Omega)-3 fatty acid exceeds many. It basically includes α – flax is acerbity (ALA) , EPA and DHA. α – flax acid can need along with the body, be changed into DHA and EPA. Ou Miga – 3 it is us cerebrum, eye and neurological the basic material that waits for an organ, also be to hold the important part with cellular film perfect function. Among them the growth that DHA can promote cerebrum cell and retinal sensitive cell more, because this conduces to visual system,develop. In addition, DHA and EPA also can defer death of lachrymal bursa cell, increase lachrymal moisture secrete and conduce to form the grease layer that prevents tear to evaporate, what relieve eye disease patient thereby is unwell.

 Pluck (liver, heart, kidney)

Eye organization is repaired need ceaseless and compensatory protein, and pluck not only contain rich vitamin, also contain rich protein, and the bases that protein is compositive cell, the eye is not exceptional also, organize so repair newer need to complement ceaselessly protein.


From the research discovery of a lot of epidemiology, cream-colored of the corpus luteum element in corn, jade can prevent pathological change of sex of senile yellow spot character (the generation of AMD) , and pathological change of sex of senile yellow spot is the disease that eye ageing place causes, serious when can cause eyesight to be short of caustic. The United States breathed out the basis 1994 Buddha university

College of medicine and the research that a lot of research centers do together show, the corpus luteum element that absorbs higher volume and jade cream-colored are qualitative, the chance that can reduce 43% meet with to have pathological change of sex of senile yellow spot is led. The jade cream-colored in corn pledges content is abounded especially, can help an eye brighter, it is the admirable and supplementary food that fights eye ageing.

Green tea

Rich vitamin A is contained in tea, it is clearer to still can make the eye sees a thing below dark light, can prevent nyctalopia and disease of dry small hole.

Medlar chrysanthemum tea, definitely pine torch tea is called by office white-collar now ” tea of bright look eight treasures ” , because its have clear liver bright eye effect, if the much tear of gall of bare of eye of be caused by, photophobia, faintness that look matter rushs on liver heat, and glaucoma, cataract, conjunctivitis. Because its have the effect that protects optic nerve, to contemporary TV a group of things with common features, computer a group of things with common features easy the crowd that causes eyestrain has benefit.

 Firm fruit and horniness food

Eat some of firm fruit and horniness food more, wait like earthnut, happy fruit, almond, walnut, pass mastication to be able to drive the movement of the flesh outside the eye, can improve circulation of eye week blood.

Tips: The ministry that it is an eye does gem gal

The white-collars that get along with computer a very short time feel via regular meeting eyestrain is aching even, the simplest preventive is to do eye health care to hold, some more consistent ” small physics is treated ” protect eye gem gal to be able to alleviate eye ministry is fatigue, make fatigue cilia shape flesh active, improve eye ministry small loop thereby, specific as follows:

Point to pressure, massage eye week

(1) is in eye upper part, be in slowly mobile finger from end of canthus government key point. Use thumb show the abdomen massages temporal place, every press one place deep breathing. (2) puts middle finger in eye end place, the side outside face is carried gently pull massage. (3) puts finger in eye lower part, from eye end to canthus inch, with forefinger and middle finger (or middle finger ring finger) show the abdomen is pressed press eyelid.

Massage cheek reachs brows

(1) uses middle finger and ring finger around brows upper part in order to draw the kind of circle, massage forcibly a little. (2) is in place of zygomatic upper part to be massaged in order to draw the kind of the circle, this measure is massaged plus one pace brows, press 3 minutes on average about can. (The right amount eye frost on 3) besmear, match with 1-2 of Wen Shuifu eye minute, not only can alleviate eye ministry microgroove, return the effect that can have hairdressing.

Let eyeball do hold

(1) closes double key point make an appointment with 2-3 second. (2) as far as possible pie-eyed, stop make an appointment with 2-3 second. (3) eyeball parts towards the left, right shift, each stop make an appointment with 2-3 second. (4) eye looks up make an appointment with 2-3 second. (5) eye oversee, stop 2-3 second about. Above movement repeats do 3 times at least.

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