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Detoxify protects the world of cate of _ of liver food big rally

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The alexipharmic food that protect liver assembles greatly

2012-02-07 14:04:26

Old people is forgetful not allow to ignore, because forgetful the consenescence that means cerebrum. Old people can be in diet much edible is following food:

The principle of hepatic and alexipharmic function: In airframe metabolization process, portal vein collects the blood that comes from abdominal cavity shedding, the harmful material in blood reachs material of microbial antigen sex, will be mixed to keep clear of by detoxify inside liver. Liver is the main and alexipharmic organ of human body, it can protect airframe to avoid damage to kill, make poison is become more avirulent or the material with big solubility, outside following bile or style of uric fluid eduction.

Hepatic detoxify basically has 4 kinds of kind: (1) chemical method: Be like oxidation, reductive, decompose, union and deoxidization action. Ammonia is a kind of poisonous metabolization child, its detoxify basically is synthesize urea through be inside liver, outside body of the eduction that follow make water. The union such as toxic substance and dextrose aldehydic acid, vitriolic, amino acid becomes avirulent matter changeably. (2) secretes action: If a few heavy metal are mercuric, and the bacterium that comes from alvine path, can secrete eduction along with bile. (Action of 3) save up: The peace that certain alkaloid is like earth, herion but save up at liver, next hepatic gradually grain releases these material, in order to reduce toxic process. (4) gobbles up action: If liver is damaged when, human body is easy toxic or infection, many withered cell no a family name is contained in liver cell, have very strong gobble up ability, rose to gobble up ill mattress to protect hepatic action.

Provide detoxify and the food that protect the effect such as liver

Buckwheat: Contain nicotinic acid, what can promote airframe is metabolic, enhance alexipharmic function.

Asparagus: Contain folic acid, can prevent cancer cell to diffuse, make a cell grow normalization, can improve liver function effectively unusual symptom. When disease of auxiliary cure tumour suffers from, must everyday edible ability is effective.

Cabbage: Wild cabbage kind vegetable, contain a lot offolic acid.

Carrot: Enhance power of human body immunity, protect a variety of internal organs of the body.

Cauliflower: Often have rape flower (cauliflower) the alexipharmic ability that can enhance liver, and can enhance airframe immunity power. Additional, in all sorts of vegetable fruits, the effect fighting cancer of cauliflower, Chinese cabbage is best.

Chinese cabbage: Contains cellulose can have the embellish bowel, effect that accelerates a poison, can promote the absorption with protein to the animal human body. Contains silicon can remove the aluminous element that bid exceeds inside human body quickly (one of chief criminal of senile and gawkish disease) .

Garlic: Can protect liver, improve hepatic alexipharmic function, can block is broken inferior saltpetre amine the synthesis of carcinogen, prevent the happening of cancer thereby. But, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, garlic heats up sexual medicine as a kind, overmuch edible can make the secret that send liver, kidney shade is insufficient, cause a dry, eyesight to issue demote symptom thereby, have garlic of edible of liverish person excessive, can create liver function obstacle, bring the disease that send liver to accentuate.

Acupuncture needle stay of proceedings: The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, sex of acupuncture needle stay of proceedings cold, flavour is salty, can benefit at liver, beneficial intestines and stomach.

Demon taro: Contains manna candy anhydride has interference effect to cancer cell metabolization, contains admirable and prandial fiber can stimulate airframe, produce a kind of material that exterminates cancer cell, prevent cancerous tumor, enhance airframe immunity power.

Leek: Spring edible leek is beneficial to liver, kidney of lukewarm filling liver.

Lotus lotus root: Dan Ning acid is contained in acerbity fluid, fight oxidation, prevent cancer and arteriosclerosis.

Onion: Contains microelement Selenium is a kind of very strong antioxidant, the freedom inside can cleared body base. Enhance cellular vigor and metabolization ability, prevent cancer to fight consenescence.

Pumpkin: Can remove carcinogenic substance inferior the choppy action of ammonium nitrate, what what contain is pectic still can counteract the heavy metal inside cleared body and partial pesticide, can help patient of decline of liver kidney function enhance the recovery capability of liver kidney cell

Turnip: Contain the oxidation that has very powerful alexipharmic effect enzymatic etc, revulsive human body produces interferon, enhance airframe immunity power, solve wine poison.

Green Chinese onion: Can reduce content of the nitrite in gastric juice, put those who include cancer of the stomach inside a variety of cancer.

Spinach: Contain many antioxidant, the heat of intestines and stomach of human body of manage of long Yu Qing is poisonous. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks its sex pleasant is cool, collect shade moisten the respiratory tract.

Tomato: Cool blood makes the same score liver, clear heat is alexipharmic.


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