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Pregnant woman eats grapy the world of 5 kinds of more wonderful cate of _ having a way

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Pregnant woman eats grapy 5 kinds more wonderful have a way

2017-04-13 18:00:05

Currant has a lot of profit: Currant is embedded and many dextrose, have nutrition to cardiac muscle, because the opposite content of calcic, phosphor, iron is high, have larger vitamin and amino acid, so, can pregnant woman eat currant? Does pregnant woman eat currant? With small make up look together.

[the advantage that pregnant woman takes currant]

Because the opposite content of the calcium inside currant, phosphor, iron is high, have many most the vitamin is mixed azotic radical is acerbity, the nourishing beautiful that is pregnant woman is tasted, can fill gas blood, warm kidney, reduce rare better curative effect to anaemic, plaque, right neurasthenic have with excessive exhaustion relatively Qiu Li is OK clear hot step-down.

Currant is known as ” 100 Guo Zhizong ” , it is one of our country’s oldest fruit tree. Currant Qing Dynasty is sweet tastily, drunk sweet delightful. Of low station of its sex pleasant is acerbity, lung of embellish of step-down of diuresis of heat having Qing Dynasty, wet one’s whistle, clear heart, town coughs the make expectoration easy, advantage that stops to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid yearningly, medicable gravid oedema reachs gravid hypertension.

Additional, currant is had calm the nerves undisturbedly, raise a heart to protect the effect such as liver, antiphlogistic analgesia, have the effect of infection of lung of prevention and cure and hepatitis. Pregnant woman often eats currant, can increase the body fluid in the mouth, prevent a dry lip dry, can protect voice not only, also be pneumonic, bronchitic the dietotherapy that reachs hepatitis is tasted. Accordingly, currant has very good nourishing effect not only, the dietotherapy beautiful that still is disease of pregnant woman woman is tasted.

[outspread: Currant suits a crowd]

Average crowd all but edible

1.Appropriate children pregnant woman and anaemic patient edible, its contain candy to measure as brighter as the quantity that contain iron grape much; Appropriate neurasthenic, excessive and fatigue, body tired is lack of power, body wins thin, the person edible of prematurely senile; Appropriate lung empty coughs, the person edible of night sweat; Arthritis of appropriate rheumatism sex, the person edible with limb aching bones and muscles; Edible of appropriate cancer patient;

2.Have diabetic person diet, obese person is unfavorable also feed more.

[how does pregnant woman eat currant]

The base of a fruit of 30 Ke Jiana melon add currant water simmer in water is taken, can treat go against on nausea cause sickness.

30 grams increase currant 15 grams add the jujube water simmer in water is taken; 30 grams add currant the lotus seed of flay and core 90 grams infusion, or each 30 grams add root of hemp of currant, Bi simmer in water of 60 grams water takes lotus seed,

Currant can add polished glutinous rice, white sugar to make grape congee, beneficial gas blood, can strong bones and muscles, remove pass water of irritated thirsty, benefit, comfortable at treating gas deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it cough of empty of weak, lung, pee drenchs drop, dropsy.

Currant is OK currant of make it deepfry. Raw material: Currant 50 grams, flour 50 grams, egg 4, milk 25 grams, honey 15 grams, white sugar 10 grams, yeast a few, peanut oil is right amount.

Make: Wash currant first clean, put bowl in, white sugar is put after right amount water is added in boiler, the baked wheaten cake in using leaves, fish out currant and drop does moisture; Infiltrate the egg in the bowl, egg white and yoke departure, egg white is hit into bubble with the chopstick; Put yoke the bowl in, join milk, flour, yeast agitate to become paste, put currant, put the egg white that has called to mix again divide evenly, with small spoon cent becomes 5 small, put the bomb in oily boiler respectively ripe, install after fish out dish, when eating, drench on honey can.

Tips: This cate is food of a variety of be good at head operable, the cerebrum growth that pregnant woman often has pair of embryo baby is very good.

Acetic currant. Material: The currant of one big spoon, the 〕 of vinegar of acetic 〔 natural brew of one big spoon.

Make: 1, put currant of one big spoon in attack above dish smooth. 2. Irrigate the vinegar of one big spoon on average in currant above, had irrigated acetic hind quiet place half an hour, after waiting for vinegar to soak currant, can eat. Bloat the person that the acetic currant that the ability after one night eats considers to do many vinegar currant mights as well take this kind of way. This kind of practice must make currant dip the vinegar of one night, let vinegar fill minute of ground ooze to enter currant inside.

Does pregnant woman eat currant what to profit there is? Pass the introduction of above, accurate mom can be at ease completely eat currant.


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