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Bring about the world of cate of _ of 6 kinds of food of darling bromatoxism

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Bring about 6 kinds of food of darling bromatoxism

2017-05-03 17:19:07

A lot of parents fear oneself darling can appear the symptom of bromatoxism, so do you know daily what food can bring about darling bromatoxism? To darling, some food bring about bromatoxism very easily, mom are being boiled when feeding must observe carefully, avoid the following kinds of food.

Bring about the food of darling bromatoxism

1, meal of of the previous night. The meal that darling does not eat, mom can be hated to part with desertion. But ort course is long saline be soiled can produce nitrite, especially a few greenery are vegetable, it is with Chinese cabbage especially among them most. And nitrite can bring about bromatoxism. Accordingly, had better not let darling eat meal of of the previous night, if want to eat, also must save in the boil after feeding, in boil again before edible next time.

2, become angry, change the corrupt food such as flavour, smell.

3, the meat that eats die in one’s bed and the pig without quarantine, ox, sheep, dog and fowl.

4, the potherb that does not know and dawdle.

5, balloonfish fish, frog, toad. If eat frog, toad to wait, the person that must have experience please the ability after its are poisonous part take out, abluent likelihood edible, do not eat balloonfish fish.

6, larger ginkgo, gemmiparous potato, unripe hyacinth bean. Do not eat largerer ginkgo to children, the children inside some is 1 year old had 10 ginkgo happening to die. The potato is the food that people likes generally, originally avirulent, but because store undeserved bring about a potato to sprout, in produce element of many black nightshade with bud week hypodermically. Black nightshade element is a kind of basic material, to the gastric bowel of darling path mucous membrane has stimulative effect, have paralytic effect to breathing centre, have haemolysis effect to red blood cell, still can cause cerebral oedema, hyperaemia to wait. And toxic to human body material is contained in hyacinth bean, must fry ripe stew to appear ability edible, otherwise easy cause toxic.

How does darling bromatoxism do?

(1) the word of keck, spit, hospital go to a doctor should arrive when occurrence dehydrate symptom. Keep good puke or have a bowel movement with polybag, taking go to a hospital checking, conduce to diagnose.

(2) do not take antidiarrheal easily, lest bungle illness. Seek advice to the doctor again after eduction of endotoxin allowing system.

How does darling bromatoxism prevent

(3) urge spit: When bromatoxism symptom waiting like occurrence vomiting, diarrhoea after dining, usable chopstick or help of ministry of finger stimulation pharynx are urged spit, eduction poison. Desirable also salt 20 grams, add boiled water 200 milliliter are dissolved, refrigeration hind is drunk below, if be not spat, can drink a few times more. Still but bright ginger 100 grams dolly takes juice, rise warm water take medicine with water with 200 fine long hair. If eat the food of meat or fish that those who go down is metamorphism, can take 10 drops to make rapid vomiting. But because bromatoxism is brought about insensible when, unfavorable undertake be urginged artificially spitting, cause easily otherwise asphyxial.

(4) cathartic: If dine time is longer, already exceeded 2 ~ 3 hours, and mind is better, can take some of cathartic, make toxic food and toxin as soon as possible outside eduction body. 30 grams decoct takes usable pieplant, senile patient can choose yuan of bright pink 20 grams, with boiled water take medicine with water, can delay have diarrhoea. Better to senile constitution person, also can use a have diarrhoea part of a historical period 15 grams decoct is taken, or with boiled water take medicine with water, also can achieve cathartic goal.

(5) alexipharmic: If be the fish that had metamorphism, shrimp, crab,cause bromatoxism, desirable feed vinegar 100 milliliter, add water 200 milliliter, dilute hind is one-time take below. In addition, still can use purple perilla 30 grams, unripe licorice 10 grams decoct is taken. If fed degenerative beverage or antiseptic by accident, had better be be suckled with Xian Niu or other the beverage fill that contains protein is taken.

(6) lie in bed rests, food wants delicate, first edible allows digestible fluidity or pap, if milk, soya-bean milk, rice water, lotus root starch, syrup boils congee of a thick soup of egg, evaporate egg, wonton, rice, noodle, avoid stimulating food, wait like coffee, strong tea the food that contains coffeine and all sorts of acrimony dressing, wait like green, ginger, garlic, chili, pepper, curry, mustard, syrup of much drink salt. Abdominal pain of vomiting and diarrhoea is severe person of short duration is abstinence.

(7) when symptom of occurrence tic, convulsion, equestrian admiral patient moves to all round the place that does not have dangerous article, and fetch chopstick, in pestering good stuff to enter patient mouth with the handkerchief, bite broken tongue in order to prevent.

(8) if the symptom does not have the evidence that alleviate, appear even dehydrate apparent, limb chill, bellyacke diarrhoea is aggravating, exceeding exhaustion, complexion is cadaverous, kubla khah, consciousness is ambiguous, delirious or convulsive, down to shock, answer to send a hospital cure instantly, can have life risk otherwise.


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