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The child wants to grow to eat what high most ” to force ” _ cate the world

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The child wants to grow to eat what high most ” to force “

2016-12-22 13:18:39

Can a lot of mom ask ” what food to have let child body effectively grow higher? ” if have this kind of food really, there is atomy on that world. But balanced assimilate substance of 5 kinds of nutrition, do not carry feed, having a meal on time is the method with long the most effective stature.


The nurture that production skeleton contains a lot ofin milk is qualitative — , calcic, and be in easily long-term child is absorbed. Although drink milk unwarrantable certain chairman is tall, but body lack calcium is long for certain character not tall. Drinking milk more so won’t have disadvantage. Drink 3 cups of milk to be able to absorb the calcium that needs for a long time to pledge everyday.


The egg is the high protein food that buys the most easily. A lot of children like to eat an egg, especially egg white contains rich protein, special be helpful for the child grow. The cholesterol that some mom contain in afraid yoke is bad to the child, but be in long-term child to need not fear cholesterol is worth, eat 1 ~ everyday 2 eggs are more appropriate.


Slippery egg of balsam pear shelled fresh shrimps

Black soybean

Soja is accepted high protein food, among them the protein content of black soybean is higher, it is the good food that is helpful for growing. When cooking rice, add, or it is OK that wear soya-bean milk is drunk.


Iron and calcium are contained a lot ofin spinach. A lot of children do not like to have spinach, do not want food of make it cold and dressed with sause so, can cut filament to fry a meal, perhaps add in laver to get or supply meals at a fixed rate inside.


Contain a lot ofvitamin A, can help protein synthesis. The child does not like to eat whole carrot commonly, so can make it is different dish. Extract juice to drink for instance, if do not like carrot juice, can extract juice to counteract the flavour of carrot together with the apple. In addition, when doing chicken, pork, beef, can cut carrot into filament to be fried together, can flavor not only so, nutrition is richer also.


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