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Occupy by force plump wife change wife change in the club wife whether does game offend law – flying Hua Jiankang net

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  Occupy by force plump wife, Change wifeChange in the club wife whether does game offend law? A lot of men often are in brainMeaning excessiveOccupy by force plump wifepicture, to this, these people often are passed change wife the club is changed mediumly wife game pursues exciting feeling, experienceOccupy by force plump wifepleasure. Change wife game incident has a lot of, whether does this kind of behavior that arouses controversy offend law?

   “Change wife ” recently is news all the time. As the example of an extreme, this one phenomenon aroused very big controversy between a lot of people. Is this the behavior of person freedom or the act that violate? The judicatory orgnaization that represents public right can intervene illicit life lives the graduate student that Wang Gong is university of a famous brand, to search stimulation, he was joined “ExchangeLover club ” . On June 6 midnight, guesthouse of the lake austral assault of policeman of police station of Ou Sanhao of Shenyang city peace 1312 rooms, seize 3 ” commutative lover ” .

   According to ” Shenyang evening paper ” report, “Change wife club ” the meeting after the member is entering a public house exchanges opposite sex spouse regularly, change 4, change 7 go to 8.

   In the chatting room of a website, the reporter contacted name of a net to be ” commutative lover club ” man, saw professing is the Wang Gong of graduate of key university MBA. According to Wang Shui, he has seen in abroad such ” love club ” , after going back to the motherland, begin to try, basically be the member that rally stops on the net, it is to pass a friend sometimes. This club has ten members now, they have legal profession, include doctor and English teacher.

   Year late on June 6, wang Gong invites a reporter to attend to be organized that evening ” collective activity ” . Through elaborate arrangement, police and reporter enter a public house. After the door opens, a red east in file of two woman, men and piece, police is controlled on the spot. Through the inquiry, discover be college graduate they are most, include the graduate of a few famous universities. These 3 suspects already were arrested, be detained by criminal at present. Additionally 4 people also are arrested.

   Researcher thinks, “Change wife ” the thing that is an absurdity, be being thought is the small number of people’s behavior only. Although they think this is a personal question, the society should be patient on certain level it. Marital itself is an acceptance. ” marriage law ” both sides of monogamy requirement husband and wife is faithful to each other, this one basic principle should grant to hold to. Beijing manage is versed in university psychology teachs Gu Xiaoming to express, “Change wife ” be a kind abnormal and confused sexual behavior. The biggest thing that marriage brings people is safe feeling, and ” change wife ” can destroy this kind of safe feeling, also can affect their relation of course.

   Psychologist says, people has the demand of disparate arrangement of ideas, for instance demand of attributive feeling, sex is waited a moment. For the level from the gender, two people are together long with respect to can dim, exhaustion, they want to seek new stimulation. But from the point of affective angle, if two people are good at accumulating, feeling can increase, this won’t be stimulated in that way like the novel, won’t resemble ” wife ” so strange thing. “Change wife ” the relation that does not affect them impossibly. They say we think this is not important, but the fact is really such.


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