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Homosexual husband sees I sexy vomitted – 1-1 – flying Hua Jiankang net

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The story of “ Cinderella ” of the member that I receive silver

That day, I calculated a middleaged man less when receiving silver 200 yuan, but that man absolutelies refuse to to admit however, say I hit a fault be about to press a fault calculate, do not have credit namely otherwise. Want to know, 200 money, can be the living cost of half my month. When I was about urgently to cry, chen Tao appeared. He draws out a piece of card from bag, say, you I buy all sheet entirely.

That man bought the thing of more than 1000 money about, saw when somebody gives him settle accounts, be stupefied. Chen Tao says, still carrying thing scram, remember dare bullying her again later, I can let you become powder. The ground walked along that man gloomy.

From now on, chen Tao everyday a bundle of flower, stand in supermarket doorway to wait for me. Regardless of the weather. Chen Tao in that way Confucianism elegant, Jun Lang, in that way warmth, never have me what had been doted on, did not have a few days to wallow in go in.

Chen Tao takes me to see his parents, I was stupefied, because of his home, it is actually in this city village of the famousest villa of a hot spring! Original, chen Tao’s father is whole town’s famousest entrepreneur unexpectedly! Am I very interrogative why does Chen Tao look for me? By his condition, look for the A daughter with a high grade all, it is how easy as my eyes thing. And strange is, I very insipid to each field requirement, his parents is heated up exceptionally however affection.

I think I am daydreaming, until drape marriage gauze, the night till newly-married, I just knew whole truth. The night of newly-married, I bathe, put on the underwear that prepares meticulously and bedgown, gush perfume, lie in the advent of that the bed is classy divine hour.

In the mirror, I see him complexion is ruddy, double eye is blurred, the figure is very sexy also attractive. I think, chen Tao sees I am met certainlyBreath is difficult. Can not think of, chen Tao sees me, cannot help howeverVomitRise. I think he is drunk much, go by to take care of him, did not think of he pushs me, crying to let me must not be stood by.

I surprised extremely. That day at night, I just know, chen Tao does not like a woman at all so. pitch on I, it is for block person information only. And, with my living conditions, go up too such day, won’t be willing to leave again.