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Shooting is sexual allergy on filar socks? The plan of cure of 3 great order that is aimed at the addiction that love thing – flying Hua Jiankang net

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   In daily life, have congenital perhaps the day after tomorrow factor, the sexual orientaton that causes certain person, sexual behavior appears unusual, this is allergy of so called sex. Sexual allergy has the branch of weight, lighter model loves content addiction namely. The addiction that love thing is main behavior is, produce the situation such as sexual excitement, ejaculation according to things of certain opposite sex, Shoot inFilar socksOnFor common case. Shoot go up in filar socksNamely the male can produce ejaculation situation to female silk socks, only right even female silk socks, underwear, BriefsWait for things to haveSexual desire looks. So, preferenceShoot go up in filar socksdoes patient of the addiction that love thing return can be saved?

   The addiction loving thing of sexual allergy shoots the remedial program on filar socks
   In the light of shoot go up in filar socks, the sex that waits for ejaculation behavior to socks of opposite sex silk, underwear, briefs is abnormal, 3 experts gave out specific treatment program.
   Expert 1: Reduce organic stimulation
   Carrying the condition that describes a patient belong to the addiction that love thing, it is the problem that attributes psychology, wait with disease of the surroundings of oneself, psychology about, need as soon as possible have treatment. Proposal patient is the surroundings with need current change above all, it is to need the heart science department that goes to a hospital to see a doctor next, undertake psychotherapy, and should prohibit seeing insalubrious book, video be stimulated in order to decrease.

   Expert 2: 3 kinds treat a method
   Does the remedial method of the addiction that love thing basically include the following: of method of 3 kinds of psychotherapy?  of a kind of apple tastes? to be below the guidance of psychological doctor, the germ with idolatrous understanding and form process and the character that love thing and characteristic, make its have a requirement that meets its correctly, raise remedial determination and hope thereby, achieve remedial goal thereby. Cognitive therapeutics: ? Chasm of  of Song of ∪ of Lou make one’s rounds seeks  of capture of 〕 otter R to endow with ⒎ of ancient name for a kind of scorpion of  of foal of Juan Shuo  to treat Juan Song: Α Q caves corrupt when tasting? to have the impulse that love thing when the patient, they can give intense sexual excitement, if pull the wrist that uses elastic flick patient, make they feel aching, control this kind therebyDesire, till pathology phenomenon disappears.

   Bricky home 3: Dispersive attention
   I feel the addiction that love thing is slight degree is lone more those who bring about, the patient should have not handed in a girlfriend, get a thing to feel curious to the woman just. The addiction that love thing is to show with certain blame life object serves as a gender to arouse the exciter that reachs a gender to satisfy, and serve as the preference that uses repeatedly with its or only measure. Cloth of cloth with soft nap of the hair that loves content object to be a woman more, wool, women’s shoe, glove, underwear, BreastCover, MenstruationTake the thing of and so on, and it is likely those who had used, dirty stuff. The proposal can disperse attention, focus attention on the other issues that you like to be able to be improved.