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The belle is shot to not be pregnant certainly inside the 4 big conditions that your belle is pregnant quickly – flying Hua Jiankang net

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   The netizen asks, oneselfThe belle is shot insideWhy is wife done not haveBe pregnant? Want to know, be being shot inside is those who be pregnant is necessarySex, butSpermatozoonWhether can successful be united in wedlock with ovum, female oviposit whether unobstructed, it is a decisionThe belle is shot insideWhether pregnant key. We cannot withThe belle is shot insideCan be pregnant should become the truth, actually inside it is not certain also to shoot can be pregnant. Everybody is below shoot inside detailed solution with pregnant mystery.

   As long as inside shoot regular meeting to be pregnant?
   1, the male and female have normal physiology and psychological function (test-tube except) , the normal spermatozoon that includes male spermary is excreted and the female’s ovarian normal ovum eduction.
   2, sexual life lives during oviposit, this is the condition that stimulative spermatozoon and ovum combine normally.
   3, after sexual life, normal spermatozoon and ovum are united in wedlock together normally. Ovum and spermatozoon can encounter inside oviduct, union forms a pregnant ovum, enter palace antrum next. As long as among them a kind of condition is abnormal, very easy block up is pregnant, bring aboutInfecundhappen.

   The condition that your female is pregnant quickly
   1, normal oviposit. Yo age woman has two ovarian, have normal mature ovum eduction every months, pelvic cavity is discharged inside the egg, tubal umbrella carries a chooser to be inside oviduct, the time of female platoon oviposit is to be inMenstrual cycleday of 14 15, next tide comes fromMenstruation14 days before, hour of 16 ~ 24 survives after oviposit.
   2, the hormone that ovarian excretive maintains ovum and embryo viviparity to grow place to need. The development of ovum needs the nutrition of ovarian excretive estrogen, oviposit hind is ovarian formation yellow physical ability secretes corpus luteum ketone, right inchoate and gravid maintain crucial.
   3, female palace neck it is normal to answer. If palace neck has inflammation, palace neck is mucous very thick, spermatozoon is entered not easily. Have healthy cervix only, inOviposit period, discharges cervix is mucous clear, mu Jicai of essence of life can get cervix mucous, store inside cervix canal, release group by group, inside antrum of You Jinzi palace.

   4, the woman’s oviduct wants unobstructed, the function is normal. Only such, it is OK that spermatozoon and ovum encounter be fertilized canal, be carried with embryonic meeting uterine antrum: ? Show disrespect or contempt tip of the silk that press Du grows know Cheng grey He to occupy spermatozoon of  Φ ? and ovum to be in the union of tubal crock abdomen, oosperm dissension becomes a side of a few cells, the tubal uterus antrum of a side, about 3 days arrive uterine antrum.