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Adolescent female can have family of what feature _ to teach net of doctor of neighbor of _ of _ adjacent little sister on physiology

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As parents, a few slight change to the child are very sensitive. Especially the change of sexual physiology respect, these change can react a child’s current sex mentation. Understand these condition to change only, it is the most reasonable that when ability gives the child to do a gender to teach ability certainly quite. Accordingly, the child that is necessary to understand oneself as the parent can have the change of which respect, and the method that answers these change.

Neighbor doctor net / sexual love

The schoolboy schoolgirl of adolescence’s should proper body that understands oneself, the faces oneself to appear a few change with such more deliberate ability and the preparation with had been done proper, so, can adolescent schoolgirl appear what sex characteristic?

1, physiology characteristic

Before 8 ~ coming 9 years old after the baby is born, although genital of inside and outside has a men and women not, but all be in because of function of sexual gland of male and female by low-key condition, chroma of the sex hormone inside body also all very low, although growth of height, weight is very rapid, but asexuality difference.

After be in 11 years old on average (limits is 9 ~ 12 years old) , the girl’s secondary sex characteristic gradually development, main watch is bilateral now the breast begins apophysis, the tit increases gradually, pigment deepens; vulva and axillary ministry to begin occurrence pubic hair and armpit hair gradually, girl secondary sex characteristic from begin to appear to development to finish, need time 4 years about (limits 1.5 ~ 6 years of) . In the meantime, bilateral pigment of size labium cutaneous is deepened gradually, increase gradually, begin occurrence white secretion. Inside genital also at the same time development, like the vagina growth broadens, mucous membrane is added thick and rich knit folds in a garment, oviduct is added thick, the uterus increases etc. Control on average in 13 years old (10 ~ 16 years old) menstruation comes first wet, the menarche that be called. Lie between 2 ~ 5 years to appear early or late again oviposit phenomenon, just had fecundity right now.

Development period still has the girl’s youth the characteristic of two important facets: One of, from about 9 years old half, height growth of the girl is quickened suddenly, every are old when the height 6 ~ 8 centimeters, decelerate gradually again next, till epiphysis closes,grow no longer, come 18 years old or so about, height can increase 25 centimeters or so. Secondly, body endodermis is next adipose and deposit grow in quantity, coxa, coxal especially apparent, at the same time ministry of the pelvis, coxa also is added wide, form the posture with female downy curve. The change of a series of this constitution configuration, indicate a girl blossoms gradually for a girl.

The beginning of green development because time is genetic condition of the climate of state of element, healthy level, nutrition, seat area, height above sea level, socioeconomy, wholesome habit difference and different. Generally speaking, time of girl youth development relatively the boy is early 1 ~ 2 years. In recent years the menstrual menarche age of a lot of country girls has the tendency of in advance, the year after year of this and economic progress, standard of living rises about. Spend girl of exceeding of angular or fat, hidebound or violent campaign again often; of menstrual menarche defer is contrary, the age that fat girl menstruation menarche spends in often in advance.

2, psychological characteristic

In psychological respect, after the girl arrives 10 years old, gave out hazy consciousness with respect to bud, begin to be oppositeBisexualDifference and bisexual relation produce interest, the affection of the appreciate think of sb with respect to the opposite sex, also begin to go grow is dark long. Alleged “ first awakening of love ” is to describe this period.

After 15 ~ is 16 years old, as the development of the secondary sex characteristic on physiology, mentally also matures further rise. They begin to think they are adult, their requirement is free-standing, requirement others (include father and mother) him esteem, equality treats him, the requirement has independence to make friend, ponder over problem and the one’s own little world that have him activity independently. In the meantime, yi Xiwang can undertake with opposite sex friend thought emotive communicates, produce the feeling of love to the opposite sex, had the demand of love and sex gradually even, but their psychology is still immature after all, the mood is very flabby calm, the plasticity of disposition, temperamental, thought is very big, suffer social conduct very easily, all round the work of friend, film, TV, literature effect that spreads a tool.

The girl constitution of this period and cerebrum growth are rapid, it is the period that their intelligence ability grows quickly, in the start that is career progress and life journey the most important reach precious level. Because this undertakes establishing the education of ambitious ideal and ambition to them, guiding them to put main energy in the respect of genuine ability and learning that enrichs his is very necessary. The educational; of morality of the sexual knowledge that also should develop the front in this phase, sex and law helps them establish correct world outlook and moral concept, for career and living make offerings to the spirits of the dead will place good foundation henceforth.

The female is in adolescent phase, what the change of sexual physiology respect should come than the male is a few more complex. Want to adopt these change the mentation that accurate judgement gives the child is not a simple thing, so, we should be treated seriously.


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