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Get dispute as equipment 80 regressive give arena, the 90 new generation youths after have the view that appears in people in, in these youths, some already parenting, very large one part has sampledSexual loveflavour, but the effect that gets a few accounts, existing to the support of sexual respect a few blind area and misunderstanding, especially the male, needing what go correctly understanding a few passion is only.

Neighbor doctor net / sexual love

The promotion of sexual quality is bilateral responsibility

The 90 off year after are light be coddle since childhood, inSexual lifeAppear disharmonious when the problem that can feeling is the other side, everybody won’t admit his problem, bring about both sides dissatisfactory to sexual life, appear disharmonious circumstance.

Those who communicate is sexual love must taste

The sexual behavior that a lot of sweethearts produced a lot of times before marriage, feel sexual love is to abreact his desire, want oneself only get satisfaction enough, lack the passion of communication so, go down for a long time to be able to bring about bilateral occurrence estrangement.

Sexual demand should speak out

A lot of people are not quite open still to sexual understanding, issue ability to be able to make love in specific requirement and environment only, once change an environment, with respect to the feeling of meeting occurrence awkwardness, the atmosphere that brings about sexual love is very depressing. Might as well try sexual to love demand to speak out, although but the environment can be not satisfied, but can let the other side feel his the position in heart of the other side.

Establish right sexual idea

Because a lot of males get the influence of maize film, want to use the gut inside and act on the body of own spouse, feel such meetings yield sexual love more exciting, this idea that is him male, can let a female feel very awkward only so, think oneself are love of one individual character only abreact tool, appear to sexual love defied psychology.

The 90 young men and womens after want to add understanding more to accurate sexual knowledge, avoid the occurrence of error of a few sexual love, such ability have harmonious sexual life.


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