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The sexual desire that what element brings about a woman has have net of doctor of neighbor of _ of little sister of adjacent of _ of physiology of weak _ sex by force

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  Sexual lifeIn some feminine sexual desire are exceedingly strong, it is more fiercer than the man even, and the feminine sexual desire of great majority should compare a man to lose, what distinction is there after all by the side of here? The sexual physiology structure that follows everybody according to considering to discover this is relative, cite a case, the general sexual desire that the uterus pours after female physiology structure is is stronger, such circumstances basically are pass heredity and come, still have a few reasons besides.

Neighbor doctor net / love

1, hind the discovery that pours function of uterine female characteristic

Consider to discover according to newest medicine, the sexual desire that the uterus pours after female physiology structure is is relatively strong, and this kind of phenomenon is normally come by blood relationship heredity. The female of feature of this kind of physiology is not need special treatment, it is hormone secretes meeting photograph only a few more exuberant than wanting for average woman, bring about consequently rightSexual loveidea is more frequent also.

2, hind the physiology characteristic that pours an uterus

Uterus and arterial blood-vessel fall to be linked together directly after, submit form, make ligation operation very hard. Alvine pang is difficult when the classics at the beginning of female pouring palace bear, menstruation of pregnancy of bosom of female pouring palace is ceaseless (dirty embryo) and be pregnant easily. Mouth of palace of female pouring palace has slant left, slant right point of view is different, the position of sexual intensity and uterus concerns the likelihood. Outer properties is like maiden shape for pussy level off now, pubic hair is exiguous, the vagina often maintains moisture to lubricate.

3, hind pour uterine female to have special sexual strength

Intensity of uterine female sexual desire falls to want tower above after average woman a lot of. Normally this kind of female is in the expression in daily life: When be being contacted alone with the opposite sex, can appear think affectionate think of a way, want to be able to accept the position of a few relatively tall difficulty than average woman in the process even, because hind the physiology structure that pours uterine female can “ accommodates ” such stimulation, the meeting is accordingly more violent. Female sexual desire is strong although not be an evildoing, but friends can be in the life proper abstemious, such ability are helpful for a person’s healthy maintaining.

These let feminine sexual desire have namely have weak reason by force, hope everybody passes the knowledge that sees physiology side, can comprehend sexual strength of the sweetheart more, should know in sexual life oneself want how to satisfy oneself woman after all so.


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