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[banana eats a few one day best] how does _ eat _ – net of people preserve one’s health

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Article introduction

Although the fruit contains a lot ofrich vitamin and nutrient element to wait in most fruit, but calculate dispute to often be had deep love for eat some to plant the fruit also cannot eat more, can pose problem of a few bodies otherwise. And banana is the fruit that a few people like to eat very much, can complement not only because of banana human body nutrition, still can achieve the effect with embellish aperient lung. But it is best that a few ability general banana has one day?

Banana eats a few one day best

One, banana eats a few one day best

Eat banana eats 34 one day at most commonly, it is advisable to eat two normally, hollow cannot eat banana, eat after a hour after the meal best. Banana contains potassium tall, have function of urgent chronic nephritis, kidney not complete person, do not suit to eat more, banana property slants cold, the person with cold empty of cool, taste should have gastralgia stomach less. Some traditional Chinese medical sciences think banana is insalubrious, should not eat too much.

2, the advantage that takes banana:

1.Precaution or cure are hypertensive

Banana is embedded potassium, can make cross much sodium ion eduction, make blood pressure is reduced. Another falls the ion of blood pressure is calcic, if cut banana,become a small so, put into fruit juice machine to hit divide evenly together with the milk that contains a lot ofcalcium to pledge, became a cup of first-rate to fight hypertensive fruit juice.

Banana eats a few one day best

2.Increase immune power, prevent cancer

Banana is embedded Lectin, lectin is a kind of protein, on immune system, can stimulate T cell become divided further, enhance the fights cancer immunity power of human body, and it can be absorbed directly in path of intestines and stomach, other protein meets unlike be decomposed, have the effect that fight cancer more so.

3.Contain a lot offiber, prevent constipation

Banana contains a lot of fiber, can stimulate peristalsis of intestines and stomach, increase volume of excrement and urine, help defecate.

4.Easy gorge, can reduce weight

Banana is easy cram oneself with food, a banana wait for the quantity of heat at half bowls of meal about, so a lot of people use the food that should reduce weight, banana cannot eat solely when reducing weight nevertheless, match even other

Low caloric food, lest nutrition disequilibrium, the health of body of compensate the upper part of the body, delimit did not come.

Banana eats a few one day best

3, hollow the disadvantage that has banana

Hollow eat banana to go against health, because hollow when, digestive food can be not offerred almost inside gastric bowel, right now if eat banana, will expedite the campaign of intestines and stomach, stimulative blood circulates, raise heart negative charge, easy bring about miocardial infarction. Not hollow when eat banana, should choose to be after the meal commonly or not be to starve banana eats to compare safety when condition.


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