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[the nutrient value of cuttlefish and effect] advantage of _ benefit _ – net of people preserve one’s health

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Article introduction

We often see the figure of cuttlefish in TV and cartoon, but not be to often see this kind of live thing among daily life. Cuttlefish and squid are similar, we often can see iron plate squid in roadside, flavour is very good. As similar breed, the flavour of cuttlefish and squid is a little similar, but the nutrient price watch of cuttlefish is tall, can have better curative effect, get of everybody love. So, what does the nutrient value of cuttlefish have?

 The nutrient value of cuttlefish reachs effect

One, the nutrient value of cuttlefish

Cuttlefish can say the whole body is treasure, not only smell touch delicacy is fragile tastily, have higher nutrient value, and rich and officinal value. Flesh of every 100 grams contains cuttlefish protein 13 grams, adipose only 0.7 grams, still contain the material that vitamin of carbohydrate and vitamin A, B a group of things with common features and the human body such as calcic, phosphor, iron need, it is a kind of high protein low adipose and nourishing food. Be worth to be carried, it is the female is modelled bodily form and maintain the good health food of skin. Cuttlefish carapace contains calcium carbonate, carapace corneous, mucilaginous, reach calcium of a few sodium chloride, phosphoric acid, magnesian salt to wait. Sepia juice contains a kind to stick polysaccharide, fact of solid test and verify has certain curb cancer effect to small rat.

 The nutrient value of cuttlefish reachs effect

According to theory of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, salty, sex makes the same score cuttlefish flavour, have into; of classics of liver, kidney raise blood, stimulate the menstrual flow, urge breast, fill kidney of lienal, beneficial, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, regulate the menstrual function, stop the effect; of the belt is used at treating a woman to be not moved via blood, the disease such as oedema, arthritis with fixed pain caused by dampness, haemorrhoid, n/med beriberi. Cuttlefish flesh, spinal (the name is Chinese traditional medicine sea the egg capsule of a mantis) all can be used as medicine.

 The nutrient value of cuttlefish reachs effect

Cuttlefish combines alimental cate function and function of medical health care together. Press the traditional idea of our country traditional Chinese medical science, it is OK to treat a disease cure having drug and dietotherapy two kinds, and the cate function that dietotherapy is a food namely and officinal value union are together, it accords with traditional medical idea already, be close to the concept of contemporary health food again.

2, applicable crowd

Constitution of appropriate deficiency of yin with irritability, anaemic, amenorrhoea of woman deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, morbid, uterine bleeding person edible.


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