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Article introduction

When there is the person that a lot of people compare earth in appearance in the life, can use ground beetle this one vocabulary. Actually ground beetle still exists really, this is the ground turtle among the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. It also is weighed had been tortoise of street, ground, belong to a kind of insect, features is more unsightly, the body not only very flat, and color is deeper. Since be material of a kind of Chinese traditional medicine, have its distinctive place for certain, so what are the effect of ground beetle and action?

What are the effect of ground beetle and action?

Pharmacodynamics action

1. fights cruor and deliquescent to fibrin action experiment to make clear: Ground beetle has fight cruor action, can be improved and enhance the blood of main organ, organization and whole body inside body to supply. Ground beetle water extracts content to give bandicoot fill the stomach, successive 7 days, can extend bandicoot haemorrhage time and answer calcium time apparently, to plaque gather rate have remarkable inhibition, of ADP of sex of the source outside can be being restrained apparently lure get together of action and plaque release a function. Can shorten time of electrophoresis of red blood cell, hint this medicine can increase number of charge of surface of the red blood cell in blood circulation.

The report points out, bug has more powerful fine dissolve effect to fibrin outside body, its are active and remarkable prep above the root of red-rooted salvia and Chinese rhubarb; also have fine dissolve active inside body, can make domestic hare actors or actress globulin dissolves time (ELT) shortens significantly, active of its fine dissolve is strong also at Chinese rhubarb.

What are the effect of ground beetle and action?

2. considers to make clear to the action of heart pump function: Total alkaloid of ground beetle bug injects to domestic hare vein (when 5mg/kg, 10mg/kg, 15mg/kg, 20mg/kg) , all show apparent negative sex effect to hare heart, namely left room systole is pressed, the oldest rate all reduces pressure of evening of left room diastole, left room pressure, right atrium pressure is elevatory, electrocardiogram P-R is conducted reach the heartbeat is abate, s-T paragraph spend the change that be short of blood gently. When be used to 20mg/kg above, electrocardiogram appears apparent S-T paragraph the change that be short of blood, have room sex early fight.

3. fights tumor action ground beetle to have certain inhibition to experimental animal tumour, result of the test outside body makes clear: Ground beetle can restrain the breath of cell of cancer of the liver, cancer of the stomach. Inside test tube, with the United States orchid law is measured so that ground beetle extract has the effect that restrains leukaemia patient leucocyte, but use tile uncle respirator law, it is negative result.

What are the effect of ground beetle and action?

4. is anoxic to the organization the oxygen demand that water extraction fluid can make foster cell of lacteal rat cardiac muscle reduces action ground beetle apparently. Ground beetle total alkaloid can lengthen disappear of report of small rat heart to lose time, can make small rat is sent because of increasing bad news oxygen anoxic the change of the ST-T that surviving time lengthens; to be able to defy bandicoot acute cardiac muscle is short of blood to cause. These action may raise cardiac muscle and head with its to be short of blood be able to bear or endure get power, the oxygen demand that reduces tissue of heart, brain is concerned.

Bug of ground beetle of 5. other action and complete scorpion, centipede mixes grind end makes ” n/med tuberculosis comes loose ” , bacteriostasis is not had to bacili of person n/med tuberculosis inside test tube. Fluid of simmer in water of water of ground beetle bug can make quail of experimental sex tall lipemia serous (remarkable prep above causes HDL-C/TC) specific value group, have certain adjustment the action of hematic fat.


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