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[asparagus of _ of water of asparagus otherwise Yao Chao needs scald water] – net of people preserve one’s health

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Article introduction

This plants asparagus vegetable suiting capability is very strong, can be able to bear or endure for instance drought cold-resistant, have inside countrywide limits so cultivate, even if also can find asparagus in a few high cold areas, everybody will be henceforth in the life, might as well can eat a few asparagus more, for instance asparagus contains a lot ofvitamin A and vitamin B, still contain iron additionally, copper, zinc, the microelement such as manganese, so does asparagus need not to need scald water before make?

Should asparagus want scald water?

Does asparagus need scald water?

Always oxalic acid content is higher feed capable person, shui Chao had better be used first when making food, the reoccupy after major oxalic acid comes to purify the dish that make. Asparagus also is oxalic acid content is higher fitly feed capable person, when making cooked food with asparagus so, no matter use which kinds to cook a method, best Xian Chao enters the water.

Asparagus scald undertakes cooking again after water too, can shorten its be heated time in cooking a process, let a vitamin wait thereby not the nutrient composition loss of heat-resisting is less, made cooked food also is met colour and lustre is gorgeous, quality of a material is fragile tender.

Should asparagus want scald water?

Asparagus the accurate method of scald water —

The clear water of full amount and a few salt are added in preexistence skillet, drip again oil of a few edible is in boiler, after big baked wheaten cake comes to boil adequately, continue to maintain conflagration, iron into asparagus scald again come to be born can.

The method that gives asparagus scald water looks be like simple, but having two notes is ten million cannot of oversight, it is asparagus is entered again after wanting to heat the water in boiler to sufficient boiling, 2 it is to must want to add a few salt and oil of a few edible in boiler, they can make what asparagus keeps beautiful emerald.

Additional, bit of salt is added when giving vegetable scald water, return the loss that can reduce nutrient material, because of salt can the speed of prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of material of the nutrition in slow down vegetable, still can let vegetable take the taste end the dot ahead of schedule at the same time.

Should asparagus want scald water?

The gives asparagus scald water knowledge that above place introduces wants a place, apply to asparagus not just, also apply to all greengrocery to feed capable person, be sure to keep in mind.

How long of need of asparagus scald water —

The time that place of asparagus scald water needs, have very big concern with method changing a knife. If cut asparagus next paragraph of boiler, scald is very hot 2 can scoop up to 3 minutes. If put what asparagus makes a root into boiling water, need to boil 10 minutes to control ability to break about unripe.

Of course, the specific time that place of asparagus scald water needs, return the degree of finish with asparagus itself, cut paragraph size and each firepower circumstance are concerned, this needed everybody to be experienced slowly between practice.


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