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[bird’s nest which time paragraph eat best] _ when _ when – net of people preserve one’s health

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Article introduction

Bird’s nest is the nourishment with higher value ratio of a kind of nutrition, because it can promote constituent second birth, help cut recovers from an illness, raise Yan Meirong, love so by popular. People not only him meeting edible, still can send to close friends when celebrate a festival. But although bird’s nest is good, if edible method is incorrect, be the result that short of wants. Small today make up specific to everybody introduction bird’s nest is in which time paragraph eat best, consult in order to offer everybody.

Bird's nest which time paragraph eat best

1. is fed with bird’s nest fill should notice successive, short-term inside unfavorable take food overmuch, cannot be eager to hope for success. Should often grain is taken feed bird’s nest, perserve, will surely effects.

2. the first time the crowd of edible bird’s nest, the proposal is original the first month everyday edible, can have more apparent effect.

After 3. , OK and tertian take. The effect is taken everyday below conditional circumstance most ideal.

Bird's nest which time paragraph eat best

4. takes bird’s nest time paragraph

Arrived at 23 o’clock in the evening before dawn at 1 o’clock — when yin and yang of period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am has sex, draw strength at that time optimal. Arrived at 5 o’clock in the morning at 7 o’clock — child, woman and bird’s nest of edible of old elder take good care of sb relatively beautiful, this and these ages paragraph the physiology position of the crowd is relative. From eat anteprandial or hind two hours — from eat anteprandial or hind the edible when two Xiaoshi are hollow, alimentation is optimal.

5. takes bird’s nest note

1) dosage

Bird’s nest is exquisite eat much food less, keep fixed take food, bird’s nest of proposal dried food grows up every time edible 3-5 gram, children every time edible 2-3 gram.

Bird's nest which time paragraph eat best

2) cycle

The optimal edible cycle of bird’s nest is morning and evening each, if economic condition does not allow can everyday, it is the least 3 days, successive edible 3 months, the effect just can be compared apparent.

3) diet

Bird’s nest deserves to feed exquisite ” match clear with Qing Dynasty, with soft match soft ” . Best diet is acrimony and fat during edible bird’s nest food, do not smoke, the nicotine in cigarette can make the nutrition of bird’s nest missing. During the cold as a result of human body cannot very good absorption the effect composition of bird’s nest, can suspend taking, wait for after improving, continue to take bird’s nest again. Cannot take medicine to take bird’s nest at the same time inside two hours, best and stagger time. When does bird’s nest take best time hollow edible is absorbed best.


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