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[walnutmeat filling head] effect of _ action _ – net of people preserve one’s health

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Article introduction

Increase as all sorts of pressure ceaselessly nowadays, of people mental use up very fast, so the food of a few filling heads appears particularly important, walnut is a kind among them, because walnut contains substantial nutrient part,this is, eat walnut to fill not only more head and disease of blood-vessel of head of heart of OK and effective precaution, help falls constipation of hematic fat, filling kidney, prevention and cure, decrease suffer from depressed odds and help to sleep peacefully, the friends that have need can take walnut more.

 Walnutmeat filling head

One, the advantage that takes walnut more

1, the happening that prevents disease of heart head blood-vessel

Of walnutmeat adipose in, contain acid of 71% linoleic acid, 12% flax. These not saturated fatty acid can emulsification, decompose grease, purify blood, impurity of cleared blood tube wall, prevent the happening of disease of heart head blood-vessel effectively.

2, the help falls hematic fat

Walnut nutrition is rich, those who contain beneficial health is not saturated and adipose with many antioxidant, saturated and adipose content is extremely low, can restrain the addition of bad cholesterol inside human body, the help stabilizes hematic fat.

3, filling kidney

Walnut can enhance the vigor of cerebrum, the inositol that place of compensatory human body is short of, beneficial at filling kidney originallies essence of life.

 Walnutmeat filling head

4, constipation of prevention and cure

Abundant walnut oil, crude fibre is contained inside walnut. Walnut oil is lubricant crude fibre of alvine path; is bibulous expand, exciting bowel path moves, remedial constipation. Can use honey bubble walnutmeat, the effect is much better.

5, decrease suffer from depressed disease odds

Rich ω is contained in walnut – 3 fatty acid, can decrease suffer from depressed disease, attention to be short of break use disease more (the odds such as ADHD) , cancer and senile and gawkish disease.

6, the help sleeps peacefully

Walnut contains black hormone of fade of quite a few, can help Mian. Fade black hormone is one kind adjusts the hormone of law of section of human body Morpheus. Person head meets a few exudation by day, can secrete more in the evening, the addition of nightly fade black hormone is the important safeguard of good Morpheus.

 Walnutmeat filling head

2, walnut filling head

There is the adipose content of 50%-60% in walnut, these are adipose in those who have 70% is adipose it is linoleic acid, linoleic acid is one of vegetable oil not saturated fatty acid, belong to the indispensible fatty acid of human body, airframe cannot be synthesized, linoleic acid conduces to enhance cerebral blood-vessel function, raise cerebral cell active, enhance memory and thinking ability, still have reduce cholesterol, atheroma of the old age in precaution. Not be to rely on what thing to be able to eat clever, filling head is auxiliary only, the key depends on oneself hard.


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