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[leaven dough of evaporate steamed stuffed bun needs how long] _ how leaven dough _ how leaven dough – net of people preserve one’s health

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Article introduction

First of cooked wheaten food of China of long crouch of steamed stuffed bun and steamed bread, and although steamed stuffed bun and steamed bread often are put forward together by people, but the taste of steamed stuffed bun and steamed bread has however very big different. A big different point is steamed stuffed bun has stuffing, and the steamed bread expects without stuffing, when because this is in,making steamed stuffed bun, the method that make wants relatively a few more complex. But no matter be to make steamed stuffed bun or steamed bread, need to experience leaven dough process, because this is in evaporate steamed stuffed bun when, does leaven dough need how long?

Leaven dough of evaporate steamed stuffed bun needs how long

One, leaven dough of evaporate steamed stuffed bun needs how long

Do time of leaven dough of steamed stuffed bun to want to see temperature, if temperature is controlled be in 229 degrees, so leaven dough needs just a little only hour, if temperature is in 10 degrees or so, leaven dough time needs 2 to 4 hours.

Leaven dough of evaporate steamed stuffed bun needs how long

2, leaven dough measure

1, flour

Flour as far as possible need not tall muscle flour, what noodle of traditional Chinese style uses commonly is protein content those who be 9%-12% is medium muscle flour, the does not have special specification flour that general city makes work, flour of the muscle in can be being inspected. The flour that if use his,the home hits is better.

2, add water

Warm water knead dough, in knead dough the cent in the process second add water. The face of noodle of traditional Chinese style increases the 50% or so warm water, proportion that puts the yeast of 1% according to 500 grams flour commonly, can join a few white sugar.

3, yeast

If use yeasty pink to ferment, must join bubble to make noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch so, dosage is the half of yeasty pink, the face of such hair just can warmth again delicious.

4, knead dough

When kneading dough, want slowly knead, if dough sticks a hand, bit of water is touched to be kneaded again on handle do not stick a hand. Accomplish ” 3 light ” () of face light, basin light, hand light, the face is had been kneaded.

5, wake send

Do first time to wake first hair. On dough lid wet cloth, put warm and sealed space to ferment to double big. Time goes to about one hour half hours, will lengthen according to temperature or shorten time.

Leaven dough of evaporate steamed stuffed bun needs how long

3, the secret of success that thinks evaporate gives successful steamed stuffed bun

1, knead dough—Fill a portion to knead divide evenly, we need a smooth dough;

2, leaven dough—Ferment with 2 must reach the designated position adequately, this nods very important really;

3, evaporate is made—Cooked wheaten food needs to be made with conflagration evaporate after next boiler, evaporate makes time must sufficient, time length follows the measurement of cooked wheaten food is different and specific ruling, after involving fire must empty evaporate 35 minutes, cannot the boil on the horse.


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