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Article introduction

To the people of southern region, because teem with rice, and the quantity of heat that rice place contains is high, the quantity of heat with human body because this is OK and compensatory indispensible place, so southern area people their staple food is rice commonly. Basically each meal exists from what do not open rice, but ordinary other people is in evaporate rice when it is OK to just come out rice evaporate come out rice evaporate with electric meal Bao, its still can add other thing in honest rice, so what thing joins the ability in rice is the meeting delicious?

What to put inside evaporate rice delicious

One, what to add when cooking delicious

1, add vinegar

The rice that summer thoroughlies cook contains changeful ingredient, cannot long put. If a few vinegar are put according to 1.5 kilograms of proportion that rice increases 2-3ML vinegar when cook, boil the rice that come out to be able to be deposited not only very long, and sweet thick delicious.

2, add lardy

Join in rice before the rice that boil a few lardy with salt, boil the rice sweet smell that give tangy, loose and goluptious.

3, add peanut oil

The mouthfeel of polished long-grained nonglutinous rice works quite, suit to do fry a meal. If boil,salt of one small spoon and a few peanut oil are joined to mix in water before polished long-grained nonglutinous rice divide evenly, cook the rice that give sweet thick soft glutinous, mouthfeel is not defeated by rice.

4, add olive oil

Before the rice that boil, a few olive oil are added in preexistence rice, can make cook the rice that give not only not only sweet thick delicate, litre of candy career that still can defer rice

What to put inside evaporate rice delicious

2, a few of evaporate good rice little skill

1, clean out meter

It is OK to clean out rice 9 times commonly, because surface of grain of rice has a lot of nutrition. The water that clean out rice can be used wash a face to perhaps irrigate a flower, the effect is very good.

2, bubble meter

Before evaporate rice bubble 9 hours rice (if use Wen Shui better) , can make grain of rice bibulous so, the rice nature that evaporate comes out is full.

What to put inside evaporate rice delicious

3, add:

The scale of rice and water, had better be 1:1The old people that.2(does not have a tooth or the baby likes to have soft rice, rice water scale is 1:1.5) . You can be made with rice consult, meter of one portion water, come again 1/5 water, OK.

4, evaporate rice

Boiler of a pot for steaming food, high pressure is used commonly in the home or rice of microwave oven evaporate, the time of evaporate rice is different. Rice of evaporate of a pot for steaming food: 15-20 minute. Rice of high-pressured boiler evaporate: Lid boiler covers amiable a powerful person, first medium baking temperature. Risk the gush after steam 9 minutes, guan Xiaohuo. Small fire 67 minutes, involve fire. Rice of microwave oven evaporate: Gao Huo 5 minutes, await a few minutes, medium baking temperature 10 minutes.


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